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FireFly 2 Unboxing Video

Full Transcript of Our FireFly 2 Unboxing Video

What’s up guys this is Troy from 420 vape zone, and today I’ve got the Firefly 2 vaporizor. I’m going to unbox this and show you what the packaging is like. It’s one of my favorite vaporizers. I never uploaded the first unboxing video because the original one we had didn’t come out well. I got a new one here for a friend so we wanted to reshoot it.

Firefly does a really good job with their packaging. (everything is very Apple esc) The box has a magnetic closure in the front and it pops open. So there it is the unit front and center. Everything in the box is covered up and the Firefly is the center of attention. This is just a sexy, sexy unit with a strong magnetic closure on the lid. This is a Full convection unit with gorilla glass mirror air-path. The unit comes charged enough to work, but I’m not going to vape it right now because I want the person whom owns it to experience the first bowl.

Firefly 2 Accessories

As we remove the cover we can see that everything is nice and cleanly laid out. We’ve got concentrate pants these are for vaping oils, waxes, crumbles, you name it in your Firefly. It works really well although these need to be replaced from time-to-time.
We also have a cleaning kit. Inside the cleaning kit it’s really just a couple alcohol pads, a little brush, and plastic pick. (or chopsticks for hamsters that like to eat small burritos)
It does come with a second battery which is a pretty cool deal. It’s good to have a second battery. I do have a complaint about this, since the unit is required for charging you can only charge one battery at a time.
I normally don’t go into detail about a USB cable, but I really like the quality of the USB cable that comes with the Firefly. It’s permanently attached to my computer I use it to charge all my vapes. It of course also comes with a charging dock. It’s actually kind of hard to plug the USB cable into the charging dock.
So there you have it the Firefly 2 Full convection vaporizer. Thank you for watching our unboxing video please don’t forget to subscribe and reach out to us on Twitter @420vapezone.
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