FireWood 4 Review

The Firewood 5 is the latest vape from Firewood Vapes.

Firewood 4 vaporizer in hand of reviewer

The Walnut Firewood 4 weighs 3.6oz with the battery, cooling unit, and mouthpiece/capsule loaded. Most of that is battery weight

The Firewood 4 is the latest vape from Firewood Vapes. It’s a portable convection vaporizer and, like their previous models, it’s made of wood. The Firewood 4 is made out of Walnut. Each vaporizer is handmade by an Artisan named Marc, in Massachusetts USA.

Firewood 4 Features

  • swappable 18650 battery – No tools required. The battery door slides off and the battery is easily replaced in a matter of seconds.
  • full convection heating
  • super fast heat-up time: coil heats in 5 seconds
  • draw sensing technology – To preserves battery life, the heater is only on while you’re taking a draw.
  • borosilicate glass capsules and mouthpiece system

Build Quality & Design

Buttom button Firewood 4

The button, with the etched Firewood logo, is made out of wood as well.

The craftsmanship of the Firewood 4 is impressive. I consider the Firewood 4 a functional piece of art. It has style and personality and it will develop character as you use it.  It feels solid, and absolutely wonderful in the hand. It’s finish has a luxurious feel to it, soft and smooth. All of the edges are smooth and well finished. The wooden pieces fit together perfectly! It feels durable enough to handle daily carry if you’re an office worker.


The vapor flavor is really special. It starts out rich with terpenes and distinctly flavorful. The first few pulls from all convection vapes are wonderful, but the vapor from the Firewood 4 has different character. The wooden body and cooling unit, along with the natural wax and oil they’re sealed with, add a sweet and warm undertone to the vapor. It’s not a dominant flavor by any means, but it’s there and I love it. Some may not like this, but so far the 4 people I’ve shared with really enjoy it.

The quality of the vapor is pretty good. I get about 5-7 really nice pulls before the flavor starts to decay and the vapor becomes a bit harsh. The capsule is pretty narrow, so some of the material really cooks more/faster than the rest.  It’s really about your technique with this vape. The airflow is wide open, which means it is possible to pull too fast. Pulling too fast doesn’t give the fresh air enough time in the heater to actually heat up and vaporizer your herbs. Slow your pull to give the heater time to heat up the air. Experiment with different speeds, or go by the feel of the vapor on your tongue/throat. You can also crank up the heat, level 4 WILL combust and that’s no bueno. Level 4 is for faster pulls, bongs, concentrates if you dare.

Ease of Use

The interface is pretty simple. Hold the button for 5 seconds to turn the unit on. When it turns on, it will indicate the current battery level by a series of vibrations. 5 vibes = fully charged. 1 vibe = low battery. After turning the unit on, you need to choose a temp setting. Push the button once for 250F-299F, twice for 300F-350F, three times for 350F-400F, and 4 times for 400F-450F. I only really use the 3 and 4 settings.  You can change the temp settings at any time by pressing the button 1-4 times again. Turn the unit off by holding the button for 3 seconds. When you turn the unit off, it will indicate the battery level again. This comes in really handy.

The vapor pulling technique isn’t abnormally difficult. Start with brief draw to activate the heater, wait a couple of seconds, and then take a long slow draw. The FW4 will give a short vibe when it senses you’re drawing. After a draw or two the capsule will have some residual heat, which enhances vapor production. You can pull a little faster now for lighter cough-less vapor, or pull slower if you want dense vapor. My wife had it figured out by her 3rd pull, and she gives it two thumbs up and 3 more pulls because she doesn’t know the puff-puff-pass rule.

Firewood 4 with capsules and block.

My Firewood 4 came with 4 mouthpiece/capsules, a matching (but unfinished) holding block and a cooling unit.

The capsule system is interesting. The capsule itself is on the small side. Holds about .1g, which is probably perfect for most people. I have a higher tolerance and the .1g capsule is perfect for daytime use with me. If I want a stonier/foggier high, I need to vape several capsules – which is fine because I purchased the kit that comes with 3 extra capsules and a convenient holding block. This is worth it. The unit does get hot after a single session and I don’t feel comfortable vaping two sessions in a row.

Loading the capsules isn’t a problem. You can insert the capsule upside down in mouthpiece and use the mouth vacuum technique to suck up your herbs, or you can just drop the capsule into your ground up herb container and scoop it full.

Unloading and cleaning the capsules is a bit more of a chore. This requires a small pick to get the spent material out, and often needs a brush to get the capsule and the rubber mouthpiece fully clean. It’s not difficult, but it’s slightly time consuming. I consider it a ritual and I try to unload/load all 4 capsules at the same time.

The replaceable battery and cover functions well. Mine was initially tough to remove (in the unboxing video) because I was pushing from the bottom. If you hold it sideways and grip the battery cover like the slide of a handgun, it will come off with minimal force. Swapping batteries takes a few seconds and doesn’t require any special tools. It’s perfect.
Although when the battery is first inserted, the unit powers on. That’s kinda weird.


The vape may or may not come with a battery. The option I chose did. It came with an LG HG2 18650 3000mAh 20A Flat Top Battery, which is a really good battery. I’m able to get 6 full sessions out of a single charge. Each session is 6-8 minutes long, with exactly twelve 15-second pulls. Three minutes of draw time per session means the heater was on for roughly 18 minutes. That seems pretty good to me. I haven’t ran it dead yet, however I’m still pushing and testing it. Either way, it’s easily swappable and batteries are cheap ($7). Buy a few and you are SET.

Final Thoughts

The Firewood 4 is a huge improvement over the FW3, and I really liked the FW3. The cooling unit makes a world of difference. The look and feel of the FW4 is unique and overflowing with character and charisma. I love how it feels in my hand, and I cannot get enough of the wax/oil aroma it carries. It smells so warm and sweet with hints of citrus and sunshine. It performs VERY well and it will certainly be one of my favorites.

If you’re looking for a great vape that has a lot of character, this is the one to get.

It’s only available on the official Firewood Vapes website… But good luck, because this vape is badass and everyone wants one.

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