My FireWood 4 arrived today! I waited for this thing to drop ALL SUMMER and here it is in my hands. I loved the character and performance of the FireWood 3, although I rarely recommended it because it was just a bit too quirky and difficult to use.

The FW4 changes it up quite a bit with its new ‘cooling unit’ mouthpiece and easily swappable 18650 battery. I ordered the finished walnut, like my original MFLB (RIP).
It came with 3 extra capsule/mouthpieces in a wooden block, a single LG 18650 battery, a nitecore i1 intellicharger – all for $223 shipped. The FireWood 3 sold for $165 (finished).

FireWood 4 Unboxing Video

FireWood 4 Initial Review

It’s a huge improvement over the FW3, and I really liked the FW3. The cooling unit is really nothing more than a wood and glass vapor path extension, but it works well. It even fits the FW3. The look and feel of the FW4 is unique and overflowing with character. I love how it feels in my hand, and I cannot get enough of the wax/oil aroma it carries. It smells so warm and sweet with hints of citrus and sunshine.

firewood-4-cloudThe vapor quality is nice. It starts out really flavorful. Sativas are bright and pungent. I get about 5-7 really nice pulls before the flavor starts to decay and the vapor becomes a bit harsh. The capsule is pretty narrow, so some of the material really cooks more/faster than the rest. It’s really about your technique with this vape. The airflow is wide open, which means its possible to pull too fast. Pulling too fast doesn’t give the fresh air enough time in the heater to actually heat up and vaporizer your herbs. Slow your pull to give the heater time to heat up the air. Experiment with different speeds, or go by the feel of the vapor on your tongue/throat. You can also crank up the heat, level 4 WILL combust and that’s no bueno. Level 4 is for faster pulls, bongs, concentrates.

The replaceable battery and cover functions well. Mine was a bit tough to remove in the video because I was pushing from the bottom. If you hold it sideways and grip the slide like the slide of a handgun, it will come off with minimal force.

I’m looking forward to writing a more full review of this after I have more time with it!

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