Flowermate SWIFT Pro Review

Update 8/7/18 – I no longer recommend the Flowermate Swift PRO. There are better values to be found.

Black and Green SWIFT Pro
The Flowermate SWIFT Pro comes in black or green and is available now for $220 shipped.
Black Friday Sale Alert: The SWIFT Pro is available RIGHT NOW for $142. Use code SW35, a 35% discount plus free shipping!The Flowermate SWIFT Pro is the first FULLY CONVECTION portable vaporizer from Flowermate. At 4.3″ tall, 2.2″ wide, 1.1″ deep and weighing just 4.5oz, the SWIFT Pro is very pocketable. It is available NOW at Puffitup.com

Vapor Quality & Taste

Flowermate hit a home run in this department. Vapor from the SWIFT Pro is clean, smooth, and delicious. I tasted the most flavorful strains of indica and sativa at low and high temperatures. With the glass ring installed, the taste of each strain shines bright and clear, even at higher temperatures. Using the wooden rings takes the taste to another level, giving the vapor a slight woody undertone. Even cranking the heat up to 446 can produce some pretty good flavors if you like to achieve maximum extraction, or are aiming for a stonier type of high.

Customizable Vaping Experience

Flowermate SWIFT Pro rings
These are the 4 chamber rings. Bamboo on the left, rosewood, palisander, and glass.
The Flowermate SWIFT Pro features an interchangeable ring system. The rings serve as the herb chamber walls. Each ring has slightly different thermal properties, which allow the user to fine tune the way their vaporizer performs. The chamber itself threads into the unit and holds the ring in place. The unit comes with glass and wooden rings. The wooden rings don’t heat up very much, giving you the most pure convection. The glass ring will retain more heat, which increases the chamber temp and improves vapor production. The differences in vapor are hard to detect, the difference in flavor is not.

Ease of Use

Loading and unloading the chamber is easy. The 12mm bowl is wide enough to load with your fingers, but the little funnel included with the vape is wonderful. It funnels your material into the chamber and blocks off the harder to clean surrounding area. Unloading the bowl is simple and pain free. No tools or brushes needed, just a shake or a tap into a mason jar and its empty and clean. I knock any abv stuck to the screen off with my fingers. Reloading a bowl can be done quickly and cleaning.

Flowermate Swift PRO LCD
The OLED screen on this unit is darker than normal, as this is a pre-production unit. It’s better in the final version, but still not super bright.
The interface is standard and easy as well. Five clicks to turn on/off, adjust temp with the up/down arrows. Hold the power button to wake up and start cooking again when the unit goes to sleep (every motherflipping 4 minutes…)

There’s no real learning curve. Load it, turn it on, start blowing clouds. The first pull will be softer, but cloud production improves as your material gets a bit of heat.
Stirring your material isn’t required, but it REALLY helps. I vape 4 minutes at 380 and 3 minutes at 420, with a stir at the temp change.

Airflow / Draw Resistance

The SWIFT Pro has some draw resistance. It’s definitely not free-flowing. This isn’t really a bad thing though. This is how the vape designer eliminates the learning curve and assures everyone is able to pull clouds. Pulling at the maximum flow allowed by the restrictive vapor path provides the perfect draw speed for the air to get heated as it passes through the heater.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Daily and even routine maintenance on the SWIFT is pretty easy. The ring and chamber just brushes clean. Once a week (if using daily) is all it takes, just unscrew the chamber, drop out the screen, brush the dust out and reassemble. About every month you’ll want to clean the screen. The inside will be gooey with honey-like residue. You can harvest this and vape it, or not worry about it. Cleaning the screen is as simple as unscrewing it from the mouthpiece and soaking in alcohol for a few minutes.
This vape is very easy to maintain. Just don’t get isopropyl alcohol on the exterior…

Build Quality, Ergonomics and Design

No I don't have banana hands, these vapes are compact and easy to hold.
No I don’t have banana hands, these vapes are compact and easy to hold.
The Flowermate SWIFT Pro is made almost entirely out of plastic. The two heaters, battery, and screens are pretty much the only metal. It’s nice enough quality to NOT feel like a toy. It has a rubberized-feel to it, kind of soft and satin-like. The body is smooth and seamless, feels great in the hand, and slides effortlessly in and out of pockets.

Battery Life

Pure convection heating apparently consumes a lot of power, because I’m only able to get three double sessions out of a single charge. While this is fine for me because it has micro-usb charging and micro-usb is EVERYWHERE, it may not be convenient for some. A replaceable battery would be ideal. If you plan to use the SWIFT Pro on the go, pick up a portable battery for $20 on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

This is a really interesting vape. It’s ultra efficient – only cooking your material when you’re taking a draw. It’s even more efficient than truly on-demand units like the FireFly 2.
The vapor is great, super tasty and fluffy. It’s easy to use and ultra gentle on the throat. It’s awesome through a bong too.
At $220 I’d really like to get 4 full bowls out of it without having to re-charge, but the pure convection and kickass vapor make up for it.

As of today it is available at Puffitup in both black and green.

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