Vape church idea: Desert Island Vapes

In the UK, there's a fairly famous BBC Radio programmed called "Desert Island Discs" (It's been going since the 1940s!). Each week, a major/minor celebrity turns up and tells the presenter the five albums they'd take with them if they were stranded on a deserted island and why.

I thought this could be a great idea/topic for Vape Church. Each of the participants list three vapes they'd take with them and why. The explanations vary from the practical to personal/reminiscent reasons. You can draw these reasons out, or compress them down - so Desert Island Vapes can be a small segment in a vape church episode - or a whole dedicated episode.

Just a thought :)



  • Do we have electrical power on the desert island for some reason? List gets a lot shorter if we don't have a steady supply of electricity.

  • Is there a record player on a desert island? Of course not. But that's not the point of the game. Sure. There's electricity. Lots of it! :)

  • Yeah we have all played this game, electricity and/or infinite battery/butane supply are implied

  • As long as there are balls on the island, we'll all be fine. Love this idea.

  • Titanium 'M' tip, Strong Arm Adapter body with VapHotBox IH. A working model of perfection.

    Pax Era. There are good carts, finding them is the catch. Right now it's 10K Jack from Legion. Smooth as silk. Hasn't bitten me in the throat yet.

    In Ready Reserve, E-Nano by Epic Vapes. It's too good to let go.

  • I like this game and I think it would be great for an open sesh episode

  • I feel like my choices would be a Dynavap, a Stickybrick, and my Fury Edge, but thats also just the ones I own so it seems like cheating.

    Swap the Edge for a Mighty? I havent tried a Mighty but I trust everyones opinion that its real good. Or Volcano maybe just for something desktop and beefier.

  • Have become more aware of harvesting reclaim since receiving the Runt. The Da Vinci iq has been my friend but although its reclaim may loo like hash, it tastes like tar. With the Brick there is dope-dew in the mouthpiece and nectar on the Simrell vortex. This is all a surprise to me. i think a desert vape should have use-able reclaim/nectar.

  • @Marsia I agree on maximizing reclaim. But I propose that on said island we should have an endless supply of awesome flower and concentrates. As I know from watching @Troy and people with a good supply of quality stuff, reclaim is less of a "thing" in that scenario. After all, it is "reclaim," I.e. "leftovers." 😀

  • Damn @EarlyGirl you took my one only remaining question.

  • @EarlyGirl Too true! This desert island should have weed mountains. Not usually intrigued by abv/avb: hesitant to throw it out but haven't been desperate enough to transform it into anything. Its a big question to nominate the mother of all vapes to take us to the end of time. An interesting conversation for vape church experts :)

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