Mighty Cleaning Question

Hi there everyone!

I recently purchased a mighty and have been loving it so far. It's due for a clean now though and after watching a few videos I'm pretty sure I understand the technique. Currently, the only cleaning product I have access to is 80% Isopropyl alcohol and 20% Glycerine. Will this work? I know a higher percentage Isopropyl is recommended but right now I don't have access to any.

Thank you for reading.


  • That's fine. Just remove the O rings and soak the plastic pieces for a few hours. Wipe with Q tips or paper towels any bad spots or areas. Wash and dry before reuse.

  • Did you see the cleaning tip I showed in this video?

    I did another stream where I placed some wet alcohol prep pads in the oven and let it "steam clean" - but I don't recommend that anymore.

    I haven't another AMAZING cleaning tip coming soon. It is specific to the darkening of the bowl though.

  • How have I not thought about doing spot cleaning after a sesh.

  • FWIW, I have a bunch of little black brushes that I always use on the bowls and screens of my vape, usually within 10 minutes of finishing a session. It seems to me that this is the best way to minimize/delay the need for more extensive cleaning.

    I used to be a total slob when I was a pipe smoker, to the point where I had three different ProtoPipes just so I could rotate through them whenever one of them became unusable, delaying the day of reckoning (teardown and cleaning) as long as possible. I quickly learned that treatment won't fly (very long) with a vape, so I made the cleaning part and parcel of my vape ritual. Now I get edgy if I leave it to long after putting the vape down...

    The brushes are cheap on Amazon. Come in a pack of four for $10. The business end of the brush is about an inch and a half in length and the width is just a tad wider than the Dynavap tip. Works great with all my vapes.


  • Ugh...just noticed those brushes are out of stock on Amazon. But Amazon suggests several other sources that should work fine...

  • As a regular, multiple daily, medical user, I do similar with cleaning. I also take out the screen and soak it, while I clean the chamber and top cooling unit with q-tip. Then while covering the opening of the mouthpiece with some paper towel, I put a few drops of 99% in the cooling unit opening where the screens goes. I gently shake it horizontal for a few seconds, then run hot water through the opening. You will see a burst of brown fluid go running through. When it runs clear, I dry cooling unit with paper towel. I put it back together, let it heat up empty and draw through some hot air, to make sure its all dry before using.

    I also keep find it works best when fully charged, so top it up regularly.

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