IMPORTANT: Bill S.1253 final vote (affects shipping vapes through US mail)

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This Monday, July 20th, the final vote takes place for bill S 1253, which affects the shipping of vapes (including all those we love, electronic and butane) through the US post.

S. 1253, which would prohibit shipping vapor products through the USPS (just like the ban on mailing cigarettes) was passed by the Senate on July 2, and the text of the amended bill is finally available on congress .gov. While a significant amendment that requires an extensive list of research to be completed, the effect of the bill remains the same: No vapor products will be allowed to be shipped via the USPS. This means increased costs to consumers and new barriers to access for law-abiding adults.

This article summarises it:

Now is the time to contact your local house representative to let them know how this will affect you. This is going to heavily impact all of our favourite retailers and small businesses, not to mention folks who live out in rural areas that only USPS will deliver to. CALL if you can or write a personalised email to your rep.

You can find your local representative by using:

Use your voices!



  • Just emailed mine. Here’s what I sent;

    ”I am a medical marijuana patient and constituent. I’m writing concerning bill S. 1253. This would make obtaining supplies to consume my medicine more costly, and would adversely effect low income patients who need to obtain the medical supplies, like vaporizers, to safely consume their medicine. Purchasing them online and having them shipped is both more cost effective, but also the only method to some rural patients around the country. As such, I’d urge you to consider voting no on bill S. 1253. Thank you for your consideration.”

  • I had no idea that this bill was in motion. Thank you for posting information about this issue!

  • I had no idea! Email sent!

  • If possible call, don't write, your representative. They'll ignore emails, but they have to answer the phone.

  • Reading some of the bill it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to put it on the carrier as opposed to the retailer. If they have to go this route just do it like dispensaries are required to for deliveries and require ID verification at point of sale. That would put a fair barrier up to prevent people underage from ordering. USPS already is having financial issues, why remove even shift a tiny portion of that revenue to private carriers?

    Seems like this will only hurt legit retailers and benefit ebay sellers and the like.

  • I believe this is all motivated by preserving the "glorious" Big Government victory over so-called Big Tobacco. When you come right down to it, the only thing government at any level has actually accomplished that improved the lives of the general public was the banishment of smoking from public spaces.

    That's it...$7.2 trillion (combined US government spending at all levels) doesn't buy the sort of happiness you've been led to believe.

    This is why there is such deep suspicion and irrational hatred of the e-cig industry, which sells products that have helped millions of people quit smoking cigarettes (and arguably a far higher number than those who quit because they were made to feel like the outcasts of society).

    Make no mistake, this latest legislation is aimed at the e-cig industry, and nobody cares if there's any collateral damage. Even during last summer's fake THC oil cart crisis, virtually all of the ensuing legislation was focused on e-cigs, even though that industry had no or very limited role in poisoning the lungs of unwitting users.

    Of course, there's another big factor: Prohibitionists may sleep, but they never stop dreaming of ways to make you miserable.

  • How sad? my only hobby they gotta tax tf outta when THE MIGHTY was LITERALLY deemed a medical device!!!!! I just don't get it??

  • They have yet to vote on S1253, and there doesn't appear to be a vote planned at the present, according to the government site. It's marked as "Held at the desk", which is defined as:

    "A maneuver reserving the right of action on a measure to the full Chamber, rather than to a committee. A bill held at the desk is available for immediate consideration. Since it is not referred to a committee, the bill has no hearings or committee reports accompanying it from that Chamber. A bill passed by one Chamber and referred to the second Chamber often is held at the desk in the second Chamber, particularly when the second Chamber already is working on similar legislation."

    Unless I'm reading this wrong, it means the bill is on an indefinite hold, in limbo. If the House stays busy with Covid relief and other more pressing issues, this could die there. If anyone wants to take a look, here's the link:

  • So are there still no news?

  • That the worst it doesn't make Sense even in countries where it's illegal to have weed it's not a issue at all so nouw you wil have to send it to a ups location an pik it up if they don't deliver at your address that sucks

  • ‘As part of the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021,” in the most recent COVID-19 relief bill signed into law on December 27, 2020, Congress amended the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act to apply to e-cigarettes and all vaping products. 

    In short this makes it illegal for all vaping products and accessories to be shipped via the USPS. Adding to this shipping challenge, FedEx and UPS have announced they will no longer accept vaping shipments as of March 1, and April 5th, respectively. Finally, the PACT act requires monthly submissions of all vaping purchases (your name, address, and items ordered) to each state monthly. A single mistake in filing is subject to a $10,000 fine per shipment, as well as criminal prosecution by the ATF..’

    seems like a really good time to rebrand the aromatherapy devices we all love for enjoying non tobacco products. After years of conforming to the standard of “ this product is for tobacco use only”. The tobacco libby or the taxation lobby mixed with the paternalistic dick heads, and they are coming to tell us about how to live. I hope the turning tode against cannabis can carry aromatherapy enthusiasts back into protection from this legal financial stranglehold.

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