Show and Tell (Concentrate Edition)

Good evening once again folks! Here we are with the concentrate edition of show and tell! Whether it be shatter, budder, badder, resin, rosin, shatter, hash or even poop soup, lets see those fire concentrates you're getting your hands on!

Here is my first entry. This is a 1g of Querkle Live Resin from High Voltage Extracts, a gray market company out of British Colombia. They've always been solid and reliable, especially considering none of their extracts are above $45 / 1g. This product was so good it still haunts me to this day. I can still smell and taste the extremely loud terps, that remind me of classic fruit by the foot. Best enjoyed in my Rio with a cold start.

What are you dabbing on?


  • I love fruit by the foot. Thanks for sharing James! Looks fire!

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