How to mod G43 questions

Does anyone know which wire is positive and negative in the picture. I see one is connected to gold and the other is connected to silver , I don't know what's the difference. Also what gauge is the G43 braided wire? I was thinking of running new braided wires from 510 connector to female DC jack, so it just hangs off 510 connecter. Then I could hopefully hook G43 to either mod or woodscents power supply at any time. Any advice would be appreciated, I don't have much knowledge with this stuff.


  • Does anyone know what this connection is called and where to get more of them?


  • I think I found the parts I need on ebay.

  • I was told the wires didn't matter, as long as they don't touch.

    I know amazon had the connectors that several people used, @Southie you remember what they're called?

  • @Troy sorry, im not sure the piece i used came with a power supply i had ordered. I thought kenny had ordered some of those parts though...

    You are correct neither wire is specified as positive or negative. Pick one and roll with it.

  • There is hope! I was watching a video in the Vape Life Forum and Bud had indicated that he is considering selling full G43 parts kits to make your own G43. Definitely going to contact Bud and let him know he has a buyer for his planned kit. Scroll down to near half of web page to view Bud’s video about DIY G43 Plug-in Wall Adapter. At the very beginning of vid he talks about his plan for a complete G43 DIY kit.

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