SSV43 Symphony: Glass Bead Vape Mod for the Silver Surfer



  • Yeah, I pulled the heating element up, it just didn't seem to hit as hard as the stories did. I'll play around with it again in the coming days, but right now I think the other heater cover might do the trick with enough balls.

  • Does this mod increase vapor at lower temperatures as well? Most of my daytime temperature is spent below 190 c (374 f).


  • Have you tried pushing it to the limit of combustion?

  • No, I was looking to reproduce the results Troy and Kenny said they got with the dial below halfway. I eventually had it at about 3 o'clock, but wasn't flirting with combustion.

  • Great video, man! Can't wait to try this on my Da Buddha! Also, do you have any info on the water pipe you used in the video? Lovin' that pillar/fab egg aesthetic.

  • This SSV43 kicks ass! My favourite part is how cool the vapor is while being the biggest hit of all time. It doesn't taste popcorny even when you extract a whole bowl in a single go. I haven't tried another vaporizer that does what this guy does!

  • I have the Super along with the quartz beads 4mm to be exact. My quartz is pure and top quality so I didn’t have to worry about low grade. I have also had my Super for some time now with all of the attachments and I love them.

    before the mod I was getting quality hits, good vape clouds and I was at 10:30-11. The high was awesome with that slight rush you get with vaping. A few know about that rush I’m talking about

    the quartz mod...setting was around 10, I allowed the beads to fully soak for about 5 min then I took a hit. I took the normal pull and inhaled...Its life changing.

    I strongly suggest those of you who don’t have a SSV don’t invest in one just get one and locate some real quartz beads and enjoy.

    Troy, thanks and give thanks to those who showed you that mod

  • I thought the glass balls from Ebay would take a long time to get here from China because of things now, but I was wrong. They got here last Friday only two weeks from China to EU!

    I filled my heater cover and they went in there sweet, and when switched on I saw no cracking at all like I had with other inferior shaped media. Things have gone a bit quiet where I am so unfortunately for me, testing had to be postponed for now!

    I hope I'm able to add my thoughts SOON....

  • Godspeed blackstone. I have more balls coming from China myself. Let the glass balls flow

  • There she is troy thankyou very much, hits like a tank its period ???

  • This is so so true you would think the clouds would be a little harsh considering the size of them but no smooth as silk

  • Looking good! How do you find that heater cover works? It's more directional right?

    My second hand SSV came with one but I swapped it for the 18inch one. Hits amazing but I'm curious to try the larger spherical one that Troy has.

  • One thing i've learned - TIGHT BALLS MATTER!

    Loose balls = drastically less performance

    If you're building an SSV43 and its not hitting, check your balls!

  • Based on my experience with the G43 i fully endorse this statement. Loose balls are the worst!

  • Can confirm the loose ball hypothesis.

    The balls were loose so I ordered some more, and after tightly packing them the ssv somehow hits EVEN HARDER. It took me by surprise. I was meant to do a whole bunch of shit last night but couldn’t even see straight lol. I highly recommend tightly packing those balls

  • Careful using glass. It actually fuses! I'd only advise using quartz or ruby I think...

  • I don't think softened and fused balls are an issue. What's the issue?

    Quartz balls have been cracking for people.

    Boro balls are fine. just don't turn the heat all the way up.

  • So da Buddha can be hacked in the same type of way?

  • Just realized I'd accidentally been using the Da Buddha heater cover with my SSV! Works great but it's set at a slightly different angle so it doesn't quiiiite sit right. Got the right one coming now anyway

  • theres the da Buddha heater cover next to the 18inch ssv heater cover. Quite different shapes. The 18inch connector on the da Buddha seems flaired at the end, and I noticed it didn’t make an airtight connection with the whip. I’m curious if this new heater cover will hit harder!

  • SSV, DBV and LSV are essentially the same, with different form factors. In one of his videos, @Troy mentioned that he tried adding balls to the LSV but that the mod didn't perform as well as the SSV.

    Troy, I'm curious, did you fill up the LSV heater cover all the way up to the bowl screen? Or did you only put in enough balls to cover the heater?

  • Hey guys, so I accidentally ordered 2mm glass boiling stones instead of 3mm from a laboratory supply site. Do you think the 2mm will work okay compared to the 3mm? Or should I return them for the 3mm?

  • I'd put the 2mm in and order some 3mm to try as well! The balls are super cheap

  • Ok, so I tried it with the 2mm in my Da Buddha, had it around 10:30 on the dial and almost instantly combusted! I think the 2mm may hold more heat because you can fit more beads into the heater cover, which should in theory also restrict the airflow more. Although the airflow does still feel like it's flowing pretty good, I'll test it some more before I decide if I want the 3mm.

    Going to pull the heater cover off tonight and see if there's any fusing problems.

  • OMG... it absolutely rips!

    I pulled the heater cover and none of the glass beads were stuck to the ceramic element at all. Though admittedly I didn't have the heat up much, but you don't need to. So as @Troy has said before, I think you don't have to worry about glass fusing at the temperatures that you'll be using your SSV43/DBV43/LSV43 at.

    I'm not sure if I'll get the 3mm beads. The boiling stones I bought were not in uniform size, they were spherical, but varied from 2mm to 2.5mm so unfortunately I didn't get that nice alignment of balls that I've seen in other pics. Maybe if I can find uniform spherical 3mm beads then I'll get them, for the increased airflow mainly as this DBV43 mod has restricted the airflow significantly. I am still happy with it and can pull it through my diffusion pump nicely.

    My gf made a tongue-in-cheek comment, that this mod makes the DBV slightly more eco-friendly too as it requires less power to vape your herbs and I thought that is so true! It's hitting harder, with less power required and my aroma top is working a treat at the temperature setting that I'll be vaping at. Before I had to turn it down as to not burn the essential oils.

    Cheers everyone, I'll probably report back when I get more use with it under my belt.

  • Has anyone had any experience with quartz crystal balls?

  • i listened to the Think Dank stream with Kenny from Stick Brick last night and he said his wife’s SSV43 used Quartz and he found sound dust/debris when he was cleaning it so I would maybe stay away from that.

  • Anyone have any have any experience using Rose Quartz balls? I know they it’s used in dab rigs and such so I figured that would probably work for this mod too. Just curious what y’all think. Thanks!

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