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I recently watched a video on Troy and Jerry think dank where they say that conduction vaporizers get you more of a Stoney feel and ultimately more of a high than convection. I always thought from reviews and articles I’ve read that convection vaporizers were the most potent. I was recently looking at getting a tinymight or tetra p80 because I’m looking for something for powerful than my mighty and I want something more potent.



  • The p80 and TM are definitely what you are looking for. They are hard hitting, fast extraction, high temp vapes that won't disappoint you. Both will require a bit more tinkering than the mighty and will definitely be a good addition to your collection. Both will also require a long wait time to receive it, so may I also suggest that you also buy a sticky brick runt to hold you over? 😁 The runt is basically the same hard hitting monsters as above but in a more manual package. It will definitely give you an idea of what is awaiting for you from overseas.

  • thank you, I’ve been looking at the sticky brick runt also and will probably take your advice lol. I’ve heard about the power of flame powered vapes, and have been wanting to own a sticky brick for awhile. Between the tinymight or p80 do you know which one hits harder and more consistent? I know they are both top tier convection vaporizers but I just want to make sure I’m making the right decision because the wait time on the devices are so long, and both are pretty expensive.

  • I too have both on my list after I buy the terp torch. So I know your worries well. Here is how I see both mods...

    If you are going to use it mostly on a water pipe as a one or two hitter then the easy workflow and small basket screens of the P80 will be perfect for your needs. But the quick and easy removal of the mouth piece(s) and a small bowl may not always be the best for sharing natively or out and about use. I think that this is the better option for repairs if needed and all electric vapes seem to need repairs at times. And while I know that many may love the on demand mode, I feel that session mode on a pipe for multiple bowls is where this vape shines. This vape is the perfect go between of a household portable and a desktop.

    The Tinymight on the other hand seems to be aimed again at the on demand, single to two hitter mode user, especially at the higher temps. But while I feel that it's a bit more of a tinkering vape than the P80 in general, I feel it's adjustable stem bowl can help you with sharing it with friends while not always having to stir after each hit at the mid temperatures. But while at 6 or 7 you may be able to get quite a few hits without stirring, be aware that you will have to stir between each hit on a water pipe and it's not as easy to do so as the P80. In other words, as pocket friendly as it may be, the Tinymight takes a bit of work to replace batteries, or the stem after each hit that may force you to stir. Many have started to use mesh dosing caps to add some conduction and ease of use in outdoor events or camping/fishing, and so on. As a result I think that he may be selling some as well. They will help you pack around 0.12 grams and get about 6 or 7 hits on 6.5 or 7 mode. Basically giving you a mighty experience that won't require you to stir. In such a session mode with or without the dosing capsules, I feel that the Tinymight is a better choice for you if you need a pocket friendly vape that can hit hard when needed. But you will need to clean the stem often and tinker a bit more than the P80 if you are mostly going to use it at home.

    If it's in your pocket more, get the Tinymight. If it's on your tabletop or desk more, get the P80.

  • Thank you for the Info, I was looking for a strong portable vape that hits like a desktop but later on I plan on getting a true desktop vape like a plenty. I’ve been using my mighty the past year as my primary vape but I really don’t use any of my vapes outside my house so I don’t care so much if one is more portable, I’m more concerned about the vapor quality. I agree the tiny might seems like more of a tinkerers vape but I’ve seen it hits fantastic and strong. The p80 looks more refined and updated than the tinymight but it seems hard to get your hands on one. I use my Vapes more without a water pipe but when I use it on higher temperatures I would like the ability to easily use it on a water pipe. I’m leaving towards the tinymight just because it is available for pre order right now but if I had a choice I would probably go with the p80 but I just haven’t seen enough reviews on the tetra p80. I want to know more on the loading process and the vapor quality on the p80. I’ll probably end up adding the tinymight to my collection and also get the basket screens which look good and the wpa. Thank you for the feedback and opinions warpdrive you know what you are talking about

  • Very interesting posts. I own a whole bunch of dry herb vaporizers, and I have to say that I still think the Mighty (I think mine is 6 years old) is the best overall and hits plenty hard, and is by far the most reliable. Dandre23 - you said you're more concerned about vapor quality. I don't think the quality of the vapor and the high it produces is much better than the Mighty in a "portable" (I say "portable" because although the Mighty is portable, it's not really something that just goes in your pocket like a Dynavap or a small Arizer). I have a Sticky Brick Runt, and although I agree that it produces some incredible highs, it produces them when you hit it right. I have played around a lot with the Runt and frankly, it's the purchase I probably regret the most.

    I know everyone has their own opinion, but if you are a flavor/quality chaser, I strongly suggest the Firefly 2+. While it has a learning curve, it is not nearly as complicated as the Sticky Brick, and unlike the Brick, you don't have to deal with a torch, or with hot glass that needs to cool down. The Firefly 2+ was the second portable vape that I bought (Mighty was first). For pure high and hard-hitting, the Mighty still is #1. Also, there are great accessories for the Mighty. Check out and you can purchase a 14mm water adapter and a nice small water piece. For about $35 out the door, you can filter the Mighty's vapor through some water, crank up the temperature, and get huge clouds. Since you already have the mighty, before spending a bunch more money on other devices, try accessorizing the Mighty and see how it changes the high you can experience. Just my two cents.

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