New Mighty Vapor Question

Hey friends. Just got a Mighty yesterday. Disclaimer: I'm a long-time combuster, but this is my first experience vaping herb (and I admit I have only vaped a handful of bowls so far).

I've watched a bunch of vids and read through a solid chunk of the internet, but still hold out hope for help from you all.

The "issue" I'm experiencing is cashing bowls super quick. Like 5 hits max. Tried stepping 365-410 every few hits. Tried staying at 365, tried starting at 410. I get 2 weak hits to start, 1 great hit, and then 2 dwindling hits.

Used dosing capsules packed normally and pretty tight. Then packed just the bowl pretty full an moderately tight. Not seeing a ton of difference between these experiences. 3-5 hits, and that's it.

Definitely got high, and ABV looks like a light-roast coffee.

Am I doing it wrong, or is this how it is?


  • Hey 7, I don't have a Mighty but will respond since this forum tends to be a little quiet. To me the key statement above is this one: "Definitely got high, and ABV looks like a light-roast coffee". When switching from combusting to vaping the experience will be different and maybe even feel a little weird and dissatisfying at first. If you got to feeling like you wanted, and the ABV looks used up, then you have succeeded. Don't be too focused on how individual hits feel and really don't focus on what the vapor looks like when you exhale, it doesn't prove anything.

    Your description doesn't match how most people describe a Mighty session. I would expect more like 10 - 15 hits. If your unit is running a little hot, or if you are taking really long hits (15+ seconds), that could explain it. Could this batch of flower be weaker than usual? You seem to have tried all the usual adjustments in packing and temperature. When people have packing issues it's usually because they've packed too tight.

  • thanks badbee, i appreciate your response and that info.

    the most likely scenario is that i'm having a knee-jerk over-reaction to a brand new world. i tried a different strain last night and seemed to get "better" results. i also pre-heated up to ~400 and then dropped back down to 365, which really helped make that first hit super satisfying.

    andthanks for the tips on not paying attention to vapor look/feel. that definitely puts my mind at ease, as i was expecting huge clouds, etc.

    anyway, getting super high.

  • I have a Mighty and it all depends on the light you vape in as to how big your clouds appear . Sometimes in a dull room there appears to me very minimal vapour....but if you go near a window with some natural light your can see huge satisfying clouds of vapour. Sounds strange but big vape clouds are all about the correct light. 🙌

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