Help me decide !

Got one chance to get vapes carried from the USA .

Already have the volcano classic and the mighty.

I want one desktop and one portable

desktop was thinking terp torch but no immediate 240 volt option, so volcano hybrid or flowerpot weed eater or any other ones you recommend

portable I am really not sure ! I drive a lot long distance and the mighty was the best but gotten real old and used still works though.

I would really appreciate your suggestions as it would really help me as I have a relative travelling real soon


  • For desktops the TerpTorch is a great option, I don't know where you are around the globe but there are great transformators on amazon or locally that could work with it and it will still be cheaper than most heavy hitters!

    Other than that, I would recommend a SSV(43) or if you are into concentrates than the FlowerPot Vrod (I don't really recommend the WeedEater Honestly)

    For mobile I would say go for another Mighty - nothing beats that for long drives.

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