What vapes do you regularly use now and if you were to buy a new vape what would it be?

I just wondering where we are going and to generate a little chat traffic on the forum. Right now I am altering between an E-Nano and an LSV, I am eyeing the Terp Torch because it looks adaptable and inexpensive enough to play around with.


  • I have a Terp Torch and I used it for many different things. I put in the ruby balls and changed all the preset temps. Then sat there for an evening and smoked a bunch to figure out what presets to use on different devices. I use the Torch on the bowl it comes with, on my Sticky Brick Maxx, Runt, and Flip, and with my Lotus. Once you get everything dialed in, it's a very versatile device. I also use my dynas/simrell, e-nano, and edge.

  • Glad you posted, I keep eyeing the Terp Torch but I have questions. Hope you don't mind a few, for example what is the load capacity and what is your take on the screen. TIA

  • I purchased a Terp Torch and it has put my other vapes out to pasture (my Mighty, Volcano, DynaVap Ti, Elev8R and Sticky Brick Maxx) for the time being. I’m looking forward to a new mod for the Terp Torch I purchased at DdaveMods. I expect delivery tomorrow 12/18/20. Here’s the link for the ddave mod:


  • Dynavap, Sticky Brick, Elev8R and Mighty+. I have a Tiny Might I ordered a week ago. I’m kind of at a vape stalemate right now as far as buying goes after 5+ bills on the Mighty+ and over $380 on the Tiny Might and a ton of accessories.

    i secretly want an e-Nano based on the fact that the “E-Nano Trailer” video is funnier than shit:


    and that thing absolutely rips through a bong. I literally do not even know how it works OTHER than with a WPA.

    This would serve as my “desktop vape” as the only thing I have that plugs in is an induction heater. I secretly have interest in the Arizer XQ or even the cheap ass EQ just to have one, but try to stay away from Arizer. Plus I don’t want to pack a full gram bowl.

    is the Tiny Might and Mighty+ enough for now? I haven’t gotten the TM yet and am already looking for something different after getting my Mighty+ about a week ago.

  • Fell in love with stickyBrickLabs. Probably going to get one of each. Tried the flipBrick last night, and think I got technique close to Down after first sesh. Couple baby tokes at first, I’m a virgin with butane torches so was very wary of burning any of the wood. Also tried the concentrate pad with some temple ball… LOVE the vapor flavor. Got greedy and packed one bowl of fine ground flower to the top to see if it would okiedoke me and it combusted. Incredible. Having fun and getting sent next dimension at the same time! I Feel lucky to have found sbl. P.s….Have a Runt headed to me as I type. ✌️

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