Flowerpot or something else?

I saw on some of the other posts here that there was an issue with the company and keeping that aside would you recommend the flowerpot for the money? What would you suggest instead of the flowerpot?

its about $500 for the vrod essentials bundle

I am looking to do both flower and concentrates at the same time.

I saw the g43 mentioned, I am not sure if its me but I was unable to find it, not sure if its still being made.

any suggestions for something that can do both flower and concentrates at the same time that can compare to the flowerpot would be greatly appreciated. thanks


  • the flowerpot is fucking awesome and there's not a lot of things that can compare, honestly

    stacked hits in the more powerful ball vapes like Terp Torch and SSV43 can compare, but it's not the same dabbing experience really.

    Vrods come up on r/entexchange pretty often if you don't want to buy new

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