Hydrology9NX + Brilliant Cut Grinder

Hey Troy Polloi, not sure if you've ever gotten that name before, its funny in my head but maybe not so funny in reality.

Lets start again, hey Troy, I like your vids man. I was thinking to myself where your vids went in my sub feed and then saw that you had to create a new channel. That must've sucked, but I'm glad you created a new one, perseverance and patience is key!

My name is Adrian, I'm from Melbourne Aus. Been vaping for about 5 years on and off. I was a bit naive when I first got into Cannabis, but have grown to appreciate the effects and experiences I've had with it. I started off with pax 2 which was really happy with the portability, but soon realized that there are better vapes on the market. The vape I'm currently using is the Hydrology9 - going strong after 2 years, which a lot of my friends enjoy using it, but a bitch when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. I've seen they've just released an updated version of this called the Hydrology9NX, which looks like a much better design while retaining the water filtration feature (not a lot vapes have this). Was wondering if this is something you'll be reviewing on your channel?

Another question I had, can I get the Brilliant Cut grinder delivered here to Aus? I searched online, although can't seem to find anything.

Keep up the dope videos, and I'm looking forward to hearing back from you! I also uploaded a couple of nice pics.




  • Hey Adrian,

    I'm also from Melbourne and sounds like I have similar experience to you.

    I have a crafty+ , a TinyMight and also a Plenty favporizer.

    Following this thread with interest as I am curious about the Hydrology9 and the concept of a water filtered vape. Could be something different and innovative to add to my collection.

    I've seen a few water filtered dag rigs and hybrid vapes popping up lately but most don't seem to be focused on dry herb so I have avoided them.

    Interested to hear your experiences.


  • oooh, glad hydrology is updating - i liked the design, but HATED the taste and hated the maintenance even more :(

    BCG ships worldwide as far as I know

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