Upgrade from Dynavap to a new daily driver

The title pretty much says it, but obviously salient details are helpful. I'm looking for what will be my first upgrade from my Dynavap. I've toyed around with idea of building an induction heater, which will materialize - as well as eventually adding a Vortex to my collection in order to further maximize my Dynavap experience.....but i need something..more.

I am a heavy user and i would like something that I can use comfortably at home (easily accessible, useable, adaptable to water pipe, etc) but versatile enough to bring on the go with me without having to overfill my cargo pockets with little more than my weed and maybe and extra case of batteries. As with most things in the universe, I believe there should be a balance between quantity and quality. Having said that I want something that delivers the most out of my weed in terms of vapor production. I like big, saturated hits that make me feel like i'm actually vaping something, but not necessarily at the cost of the care i put into cultivating my weed.

I am putting a budget on myself of $150. I do have room to stretch but for as long as i've been smoking weed, my mindset has never really wavered from this philosophy "if i have $500, why spend $400 on a device and vape $100 worth quality bud out of it, when i can spend $100 on a decent device that performs the same function and have $400 worth of quality bud to smoke out of it?"

Open to suggestions


  • Awesome!!!

    Have you considered sticky bricks at all? They are perfect for heavy users. There's a little bit of learning involved, but with a couple bowls of practice you will be able to crush a bowl in 3 beautiful rips. There are several models of bricks, and each come in a variety of woods. You mentioned big saturated hits, and the Sticky Bricks are champions at massive hits.

    They're available at Puffitup and Potv

    If you prefer battery-powered vaporizers, your budget can cover the Fury Edge, or a Fury 2, or an Xvape Fog..., but honestly from the sounds of your needs I think the Boundless Tera is the one for you. It's 199, but if you use the code PUFFEDUP, you can get it for 169 with a free grinder.

    The Boundless Tera is full convection and it comes with a versatile water-pipe adapter and 2 mouthpieces. The Tera RIPS HARD and has two removable 18650 batteries to back it up - which means you can carry spares! I don't actually like the mouthpieces all that much, as the Tera produces some pretty warm vapor (it's a power house). I highly recommend picking up a Solo 2 stem and doing the Tera mouthpiece mod.

    The Fury Edge is 150 and I think you can get it with a free WPA as well, but the Fury Edge isn't a ripper like the Tera. It's by no means a wimpy vape either... but with the Fury Edge you can expect to vape a bowl for 10 minutes. The Tera will crush a bowl in 4 hits if you have the lungpower.

  • That's great feedback, i really appreciate it. While i had, for a while, been intrigued by the alternate butane-applicable devices, I think too much time has passed since the introduction of that type of device and vaping tech has not just caught up but surpassed those methods, I can't say it would be a step back or down, but i don't think it's enough of a jump i'm looking for.

    I have been tobacco-free since 2013 thanks largely due to an iron will, and vaping. Suffice to say, I have about as many 510 mods and ecig vaping accessories as you do vapes (not really but you know what i'm getting at). I had considered something like a Stempod or perhaps maybe even a nicer attachment from Dreamwood or a Splinter xl, but honestly, i'd prefer to spend my money on a device proper - not a device that turns another device into a type of vaporizer, if that makes any sense. The Tera is looking more and more like a better choice. It is the only device i've been looking at where the question of whether or not its powerful never enters into my consideration - i just 'know' at the very least, it's going to be. The added carrot of your reveal of a $169 price tag through puffitup and inclusion of a grinder (something i just posted the other day about need a new one of), it is looking as if a decision may be on the horizon.

  • Awesome! I like my Tera a lot and the only issue I've ever had was taken care of immediately with a new vape.

    I love that it comes with a water pipe adapter.

    I won't push too hard on the Sticky Bricks... but they're capable of hitting just as hard, if not harder, than the Tera.

    Totally agree on the 510 thing. The Stempod is a fun way to convert a mod into a weedvape, but that's not everyone's charm.

  • Capital, sir! Hope that link you posted gives you props from a sale cause i'm taking the dive.

  • If I were you I would just spend a little more money ($250) and pick up a tinymight. Not that the other choices aren't good ones,but after reading what you wrote that's the vape that came to mind for me. Meaning it does exactly what you want.

  • Honestly, I think I prefer my Tera over the Tiny Might... I know its probably unpopular opinion, but there it is.... The TM is too noisy, and IMO the craftsmanship is kind of lacking. Don't get me wrong I don't think it's. a terrible vape, but I do think it's overhyped and overpriced.

  • I agree with Southie here. The TinyMight can do some things that the Tera cannot, but the price increase also brings a long wait and a few interface quirks without really adding significant performance or vapor quality.

    "I am putting a budget on myself of $150. I do have room to stretch but for as long as i've been smoking weed, my mindset has never really wavered from this philosophy "if i have $500, why spend $400 on a device and vape $100 worth quality bud out of it, when i can spend $100 on a decent device that performs the same function and have $400 worth of quality bud to smoke out of it?""

    This is another reason to go Tera over TinyMight.

  • I typically only vape during the summer due to my job. Three weeks ago I was looking for a vape that would go easy on my asthmatic lungs. Combustion just isn’t possible for me anymore. So I bought the 2020 M. My first one ever and I love it. But I assumed I could make it even better somehow. Then I found out about the Vortex. I bought one last night with a Ti tip. So I went from nothing to spending about $500 on equipment.

    May I just quickly say, what a difference a lighter makes! I was using a triple torch that I got after a recommendation that I thought I really liked. Then I thought I’d give the Scorch Torch a try yesterday and WOW! Sooo much better. Hoping my Vortex pleases me half as much.


  • She has arrived, and man...🤯 Thoughts, just as soon as i can collect them.

    Alright, i'll (try to) refrain from digressing and turning this into a full-blown review. Out of the box, this thing has some heft. Fully loaded, if i found myself holding whilst being assaulted, i could easily knock someone out with this. That said, it's pretty comfortable to hold and don't find it cumbersome. Powerful magnets hold the battery cover, which is nice; I will say though this one of the few devices i've come across that requires batteries to both be inserted in the same direction. Force of habit almost meant no working device.

    Three buttons, with all necessary options accessible through manipulation of no more than two of them. Bright, easy to read screen. Easy to apply adapters and mouthpieces - overall, the construction and machining didn't leave me feeling bent over about the price, which even without the promo benefit, would still be worth it's price, imho.

    Function! I took one look at the default mouthpiece, chuckled a bit, then immediately detached it and tossed it back in the box - i didn't come here for that. I moved straight to the glass mouthpiece and christened her with that. I will say, aside from the operation of the device itself, I think the glass mouthpiece would impress more had it been longer. Hitting it reminded me of hitting my Aegis mod and Profile deck and i don't know, personal opinion but i didn't care for having my mouth that close to my weed. Now, the WPA. This little piece solidified my position i had made a proper choice. I don't own a lot of compatible glass - two, to be exact, but those two were all i needed for the Tera to give me the full beans.

    The vapor, even through the water pipe, was warmer than i expected (again, i have two smaller pieces, one of which is kinda shown in the pic. This might have affected overall potential). It definitely can deliver a full, thicc vapor, but you gotta want it cause it doesn't come easily. Starting 'cold' I noticed it took me til my third hit roughly until i was getting a full chamber and a nice, full hit. I vape at between 415-425 so i figured it probably needed some priming. I used Troy's recommendation to give it a couple of starter puffs just until i saw a bit of vapor and then put it on my glass and hit it, and...


    Like finding the combination of a lock or solving a puzzle, or successfully pissing in the toilet in the dark, it all came together and all of a sudden I'm hanging out with the Dragon X boys. I mean, I am straight giraffe balls high. I'm so high where I'm the only one in the room and that hit was so loud i still found myself turning my head and audibly asking to no one "What?" The only cherry on top of that was that i got to experience this with my own weed, and man, for whatever reason, it just made the whole experience an excellent one and as my face and ass melted off into the void, so did my doubts about the Tera.

  • @jkeith413 Great write up of the Tera... I have to agree that the glass mouthpiece (and frankly the plastic one too) kind of sucks. But through the WPA it absolutely rips. You may or may not have noticed yet that the included wpa comes apart and is actually reversible, so it can be a male or female wpa. This is pretty handy if you have a glass stem you want to use as a mouthpiece instead of trying to rip it through a bong. That being said 99.9% of my Tera use is on a rig.

  • how hot is the vape? And how resistent is the draw? Am not planning to use it with WPA.

  • I personally would not suggest the Tera if your not planning to use the WPA. That's kind of where it shines. The airflow on the Tera is pretty wide open though.

  • @Southie thanks .. as u can c am still running in circles lol

  • @zan no problem it can be tough to narrow down your options sometimes. Always happy to help if you have any questions.

  • Alright, i wanted a bit of that new relationship energy to wear off before i could offer something a little more down-to-earth. After a few days with it I can more confidently concur with the popular opinion that it absolutely is at its best when used with a WPA on a rig. Note this is entirely determined with the default attachments being used, but being familiar with mouthpieces, it wasn't hard to imagine a cooler vapor from a longer glass tube than the one included. The default mouthpiece, as i had mentioned before, is entirely (for me) useless.

    Conversely what can be said about the WPA mirrors the glass tube - I can imagine a cooler, smoother, and certainly easier to handle (goddamn, that thing gets hot) experience. This is why i ordered a blackwood mouthpiece made for the Tera from Ed's TnT pieces. The most notable feature that encouraged the purchase, aside from the small company support and different material, ofcourse, was its smooth finish, which is supposed to slide nicely into a 14mm hole. I love that Boundless included not only a WPA but a multi-sized one, to-boot, but seeing as how the few glass pieces i own are all 14mm it'd be nice to have one piece that was form-fitting to all of them.

    Speaking on its practicality it seems to fit right into my little daily array which, to be fair (♫ ᵀᵒ ᵇᵉ ᶠᵃᶦʳ♫), consists of my Dyna 'M', my two glass water pieces, a Honey Dabber, and now my Tera. I need to get a better scoop for it, one that is a bit formed for the bowl, or may even a funnel, but these are minor things. She gets hot, and I'm not talking about just the WPA. The unit itself, though i will say they did an excellent job, overall, on constructing something that not only burns as hot as 430°F but can also hold in my hand, you just might be mindful that this happens rather quick, something to point out.

    I absolutely love this piece and i know when my custom mouthpiece comes in, it's just going to add to the experience. Having bought one of these has left me with one particular problem, however, and i suppose largely because of how i had been vaping prior I could not have had this discovery not having bought the Tera. The discovery is that while the Tera is nice, and does it's advertised, and niche functions superbly, it was not, apparently, what i was looking for.

    (What? How can that be?) Well, the Tera, turns out, is not only a bud-blasting behemoth, but also a battery eater from the depths of energy hell. Well, duh, no shit. But i simply was unaware of how much more power i needed. So, it's settled, I need a desktop rig. I mainly smoke at my desk/room or somewhere where there is definitely a power source, so it's time i stop fucking around with the batteries and give myself the quality of vaping i deserve. Still though, if my Tera broke tomorrow, i'd definitely have a new one on the way as soon as i could, it is that good.

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