ISO 70% vs 100%

Hey guys, I lost my provider of THCleaner which I used to clean all my vapes.

Now I'm looking if I'm able to get some ISO somewhere, but I can only find 100% ISO.

All the videos I saw for vape cleaning uses 70% ISO.

So my question is, do you thin the ISO with something (water?) or can you buy the 70% somewhere?

BONUS question:

Can I use the 100% to clean my vapes?


  • I buy 91% and use that.

    99% is the highest i've seen. It does clean better at times, but not always. It also smells worse.

    71% is the most common. It works fine. It's not as strong as the others, but for most weed cleanups it's fine.

    If you're buying super concentrated, you CAN dilute with a little bit of water to make it go further.

  • Thanks a lot @Troy

  • Since the recent Iso shortage, Ive been using Everclear. Its 95% Alc. Not exactly sure how similar this type of alcohol is to iso. It seems to be working fine but at 17$ a bottle ,I hope iso comes back asap.

  • The higher the alcohol content the better. I wouldn't buy 70% as a preference but it will get the job done (maybe not as fast). In terms of cleaning I doubt there is any noticeable difference between 91% ISO and EverClear. The advantage of EverClear is that you can keep reusing it and then drink the nicely decarbed dissolved resin.

  • Even 50% works, it just takes longer.

  • Yo fellow VapeZoners - I grabbed a gallon of 99% ISO at They have sizes ranging from a quart to 55 gallons. They also have ethanol.

    BVV looks like a B&B site for extractors, but they have "consumer" sizes too. Found them after spending a loooong time searching the web for ISO.

    I don't know 'em nor am shilling for 'em. Was just happy to find it and wanted to share.

    Hope this helps!

  • Cool! Glad that worked out.

    And it felt good to support a 420 biz too. Especially since I ain't buying no $18k closed loop extractor...

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    I recently scored some 99% Iso, and life is wonderful. But now I no longer have an excuse for dirty bongs.

  • I have two bottles of 70% 32oz a pop and a 80% gallon of liquid alcohol. I got lucky finding all 3. If you live where a ocean state job lot is, they have 80% and I think 99%.

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