Crossing Core E-Rig

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Has anyone on here bought this setup yet? I'm looking for a small portable device that will not break the bank and will last a long time. It uses sai coils so I Imagine it works well are attys are cheap (compared to others).



  • I should mention it cost around $178

  • Puffitup is selling it, that means it's gotta be somewhat good!

    I tested, but haven't produced a review yet.

    I really liked it! The only complaint from me is the little hole in the glass was pretty small. The restriction wasn't a big bother, but when reclaim starts to collect, the little hole actually clogs.

    That said, at $189, the Core is the best value e-rig on the market. The Xvape Vista Mini 2 is $169, but it doesn't hit as hard or as nice. (Visa Mini 2 has wireless charging though)

  • Just picked one up from puffitup for $151 with discount code "thecore20". I'll post my thoughts once it gets here.

  • that is a hell of a deal!

    the core looks real cool, but it is essentially just a sai in a all-in-one plastic body; and it shares the same issue most e-rig's do: the airpath from the bottom of the atomizer to under the glass is a place where buildup occurs and it's a pain to clean. this is why i personally prefer a design like the dr. dabber switch or greenlightvapes g9 epro with above-atty airflow. the best design's with a "traditional" e-rig style that don't have this problem look to be the Hive Five Duo and Source Orb Versa both have completely removable airpaths..both juuust releasing so not much word on them yet tho.

    All that said, the Sai has a ton of great coil options (and cheap!), and if you're looking for something in the true e-rig form factor for that price you can't beat it! I just would consider a normal Sai setup with the poseidon bubbler or something for the same performance even cheaper!

  • The Core is built on the Sequioa, not the Sai.

    and the electronics go beyond typical mod operation because the TC is custom programmed.

    The push-to-heat operation of the Core works perfectly without having to dick with mod settings


  • i actually didnt know it was the Sequoia coils; the bit larger coils are great! and certainly building in the custom tcr values is a great step making it more user friendly!

    i need to keep remembering a lot of folks dont like fuckin with mods and tc cuves like me 😂; thinking back on the weeks it took me with my sai hooked up to the computer looking at this shit and tweaking settings to get it working def reminds me having it "just work" out the box is a big plus.

  • I ordered the core at around 4pm from puffitup and it still shipped the same day. Puffitup is on top of shit. Fastest shipping ever!

  • @PuffItUp and their legendary quick shipping strikes again! (thanks again for getting that Rio to me in 2 DAYS 🤯)

  • And today it shows up 2 days early. Why anyone would buy vape gear from anywhere besides puffitup is beyond me.

    It wont load the pic but trust me I has it in hand.

  • pic was probably too large. don't upload the max resolution

    how are you liking the Core?

  • To be honest at first I was a little disappointed.(using either bucket coil) Then I tried the triple black ceramic coil and holy cow the thing flat out rips. I'm sure with more time I'll find I like the bucket type coils, but until the trie black ceramic coils are used up I'm not gonna bother with the others.

  • I should mention I'm not getting any metal taste off the triple black coil this thing seems to be turned to handle all Sequoia and Sai coils no matter the material.

  • Honestly brother the Sequoia is made by crossing for hvt but the manufacturers website calls it sai plus taf. Just striking conversation not trying to be a troll. That said my Core shipped yesterday and looks to be arriving tomorrow. Do you know if the other sequoia/sai plus atomizers?

  • The Sai and Sequioa are made by Crossing.

    Humbolt pays for white label of Sai and Sequoia and Core. All 3 of which are designed and made by Shenzen Crossing.

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