Skunk Bags vs Dime Bags vs ??? (Smell-Proof Bag Question)

After watching Troy's video showing his collection of Dime Bags, I realized I need a good smell-proof bag in my life, specifically a padded duffle bag. So I did a little research, and really like what I've seen of the Omerta Brigata padded duffle, so I'm leaning towards that. But I've also seen Skunk Bags make a smell-proof padded duffle that's about half the price of the Brigata. Now I know you typically get what you pay for, but I'm currious if anyone from this community has any experience with either or both, and what your thoughts are. The Amazon reviews on the Skunk duffle seem split, with some loving it, but others complaining about zipper failure.


  • Some of the Skunk bags seemed really nice, but others weren't as impressive. I haven't owned any, but I've fondled them at trade shows.

    I have owned several Dime Bags and love them.

    If you're wanting absolute smell-proof, get the Omerta line

  • I have a few Dime Bags, very sturdy. It's probably the best protection that you're going to find, short of a Pelican case. Cool colors, too.

  • Damn it, I want one

    However, I don’t need one

    Wants...more important.

    I think in haikus now thanks to this site! Maddening.

  • They are great for storage

    Great colors like midnight, glass

    Haikus bring you zen

  • The Brigata it is then. Thanks for the input guys!

  • @Gordo I know you already made up your mind but I just wanted to pipe up. I have had both types of bags from both companies... The Skunk Bags fall apart. They suck. They feel secure but seams come apart under heavy use. The Omerta line is smell proof and stitched tight. They last.

  • I use a Skunk GoCase for my Edge. Fits snug and can go in my pocket. I use the 7 inch Dime Bag for my Dynavap. Again, can fit in my pocket. I like the texture and I have a ducky velcro of the Dimebag.

  • Skunk GoCase  is the best

  • Dime bags are great to keep your belongings safe. i was also looking for dime bags here i found some which may help you as well

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