Best vape for concentrate?

i have the flower pot with sic dish for some reason it just doesn’t feel like it’s right lol? I don’t feel like I’m getting a proper concentrate experience for some weird reason. Can somebody help me ASAP



  • Would love feedback on a best vape for concentrate as well. I have dynavaps I use for flower, but new to dabbing - bought a dynacoil but it seems wildly inaccurate and not great for dabs (also don't know how to use it best, so maybe it's me). But was looking to pick up something that I will primarily use at home, though I usually vape outside so portability is nice. I liked Troy & Jerry's review of the Dr. Dabber Switch - might pick that up but it's pretty expensive so wasn't sure if anyone has opinions on that. Was also looking at the mininail as well.. Anyone have any input / opinions? Appreciate it!

  • Few things compare to a torch powered quartz surface.

    The closest e-device is the Dr Dabber switch.

    E-rigs like the Puffco Peak, Oura, and Carta can hit hard, but they don't deliver the full power trifecta (quick, dense, thoroughly vaped at temp)

    I like the Rio a lot, but lately i've been back on my torch and banger rig because my Rio torch died.

  • Troy - my biggest concern since purchasing the updated Rio is the torch. Without it the package is useless, and the torch is (a) not cheap, and (b) not in stock from what I've seen. Given this issue, would you suggest the Switch over other non-enail rigs like the Peak, Focus V Carta, etc.?

  • My torch recently died and I've been using my traditional torch and banger for dabs

  • Try the cloud v platinum vape for the best experience......................

  • Try SMOK Vape pen 22, Feels Good.😌

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