SSV43 Symphony: Glass Bead Vape Mod for the Silver Surfer

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Who's made one? Who's gonna make one? Anyone not into it? How did yours turn out?



  • There's one for sale on r/entexchange right now, which means at least one person has built it and wasn't into it.

    So far everyone else has had their lives changed by it

  • I've just found one on ebay this side of the world! I also now have a bazzilion balls lol

  • Just brought a ssv got my bag of balls. Should I do this mod still. Do you still use yous troy.. can any persuade me to. or not to do ??? please help at the moment all I hit is dynavaps an I got a flip brick.

  • I wonder if the elev8r enail mod would be a worthy competitor... However 200 4mm quartz balls in the ditanium make it pack a punch especially with the titanium hand piece

  • I did the mod, it absolutely rips. I also stuffed a bunch of the same size beads into my Elev8r and got a 16mm enail coil to go with it and it rips just as hard imo. Also a little bit easier to use bc you don't need to deal with the whip.

  • I made the same mod with corundum (synth ruby/sapphire) balls. It really rips. Honestly, you can get away with just buying the balls and a 14mm microdose basket screen - the bowl screens from the SSV can be used to keep the balls in up top.

  • Do it. A million percent, do it.

    I was only able to get about 50 balls into my ditanium and it didn't really perform for me, but I didn't mess with it very long. How low can you turn the power down?

    Brilliant move on the ELEV8R, i bet that shit rips super hard!!! I need to try that one.


  • I did the mod but changed the balls to Ruby after reading about the thermal properties of rubies, i now keep the heat setting just above 9 oclock and on permanently on my desk, this thing is a BEEEAST

  • I need to upgrade my balls!!

  • @RenDabs can you post some pics or even better a vid of you using this!? Or come join the zoom one day for show and tell? Sounds awesomeee. Def a must try!

  • I will once I get some weed! I'm out right now haha, will be a few days before getting more

  • So I'm wondering if anyone has done this mod WITH the quartz tube enhancement you can get from elev8. Will the glass beads fuse to the quartz like the element or should I go ahead and get quartz beads? I couldn't find anywhere to get enough ruby balls for less than a few hundred bucks and that's way to much for most of us.

  • How many glass balls in 2.2 pounds/1kg ? Cause that's how many are coming my way...

  • You will be sharing your balls with everyone I hope!

  • balls for everyone!

  • So, please do not waste your time and money on the quartz tube. I'm almost mad I'm so disapointed, it is actually making it seem as if the heating element is insulated. Yes it drastically increases the drag on the vape making it almost like a chore to pull a light hit.

  • Perhaps if Steve would have been willing to try the modded version b4 making the quartz sleeve he could have come up with a more feasible permanent mod. It's too bad really.

  • I finally ordered the regular glass balls.

    When it came out that quartz might be better the best I could find were quartz beads with a hole and small rose quartz tumblestones, but both of these cracked like shit when heated. My SSV sounded like a popcorn machine with all the pinging!

    Looking forward to trying this but the slow boat from China is probably going even slower lately.

    I made screens myself for it, I also found that the screens alone even made a little difference, the metal being close to the element, touching the hot glass, and also touching the air on the way in and out. But hope to get a great experience from the balls

    The "rose quartz" material I used appeared to soften a little and take the shape of the element but didn't stick to it, and it moved around when inhaling, as its probably lighter than glass. It smelled shitty too when hot!

    Anybody see any movement from the glass balls when inhaling or do they just stay put?

    A long time ago I placed a glass vapcap condenser over my element to see what "all glass" might taste like, but it also had the heat insulating effect as described above and it swirled around when I inhaled.

    Thanks for this idea Troy!

  • Quartz Crystal Spheres

    I thought this was not an outrageous price

  • I think that was one of the places I came across, name sounds familiar. But I was being a real cheapskate!

    One reason for my chosen ebay chinese "quartz" material cracking and maybe having weird smell and taste, could be because I washed the material in dish soap and water, rinsed, and only dried with a towel for a while.

    I just wonder if some quartz absorbs moisture and would need proper drying before ramping to 600f or more? And maybe skip the soap too?! That's my advice anyway! I'm just going for glass ones now like Troy's original mod. Can't wait to try it.

  • I have an SSV43 and for sure can say it is a very unique experience. I can not speak about the other "heavy hitters" but I did not believe I could get vapor that came as closes to combustion flower. If your not careful with the SSV43 it will grab you if are not ready, I got hit in the face like I was experiencing a dab for the first time. To be honest it took me three days before I used it for second time. I would recommend anyone if they have a chance to try one out should or better yet modded your own you won't be wrong. I am just now using it quite regularly....OK every other day or so ?

  • Can you do a video on how to build one Troy?

  • That would be a sweet video, it's always nice to know what your getting yourself into prior to jumping in head first .

  • I’ve got the ssv, I’ve got the right heater cover... now just waiting on those balls. Can it really hit harder than the Herborizer? I need to know.

  • that seems to be the consensus, but I can't wait for you to let us know for sure.


  • Here it is with the spherical wand heater cover. I don't think mine hits as hard as I hear others are experiencing. I'm waiting on more balls to try again with the EOK spherical heater cover, which has a higher capacity.

  • Have you checked to make sure the heater coil is seated well before adding your glass back in? It has helped others who are having that problem as well.

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