The strongest vape

So, i dont care about size, battery, flavour, portability and 'desktopity'. I only want to get high af<3. Should it be Mighty? Some people say that Plenty is the most potent unit with a good Draw Resistance.


  • Sounds like you need some dabs dude. Or if you're into flower check out some of these bad boys

  • @emilythemartian, thank you for the answer. I am surprised why no one wants to discuss Plenty. Is it a bad thing?

  • I think it's entirely cause of how it looks and feels to use. It's a strange beast

  • @emilythemartian strange indeed, but certainly a beats!

    Plenty is certainly a heavy hitter! Better than the volcano - a heavy hitter itself, arguably - and outperforming most all but the biggest beefiest desktop units. I think the "heat injector" style vapes mostly talked about in that thread (herbo, g43, ssv43, plowerfot, elev8r, supreme?) are all gonna be your absolute hardest smack u in the face vape but you definitely wouldnt be disappointed in a plenty, so long as you dont mind the weird shape.

  • Didn’t like the plenty personally. It’s potent but I found it cumbersome to hold.

  • Sticky Brick/Runt?

  • I don't subscribe to the Plenty as a potential pick-up.

    Sure it hits hard...

    but you're huffing, literally huffing, to get the vapor going. If you don't huff, it's weaker than a Mighty.

    You're vaping .5g of herb at a time and the session will last 10-20 minutes (of huffing and puffing)

    There are vapes that extract faster and get me higher off of less weed...

    To me a "heavy hitter" extracts quickly and has a bowl big enough to deliver the desired impact.

    Strong Vapes:

    G43, SSV43, Tera, Volcano Hybrid, Tetra P80, Sticky Brick, Herborizer, Supreme

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  • I second a sticky brick

  • I've had the P80 for 2 days now and it is an absolute beast. At the end of the day not many portables will out perform a desktop but this one as about as close as your gonna find to a desktop in a portable package...

    ...JTMUNNN isn't wrong though the Sticky Brick is a pretty amazing choice too.

  • NEW STUFF IS CHANGING THE GAURD: Old Head Sticky Brick collaboration = Hot Rod, amongst the top Ti dry herb desktop applications. SSV43 is the only dry Herber (granted different beast) to have that potent step-up on the new Hot Rod. Oops, sorry, FP$ too having a similarity to HR dry herb potency.

  • Don't forget about the boundless Tera ❤✌

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