It’s harvest time for my Creme de la Chem, which is one of the stinkiest plants I’ve grown. These autoflowering cannabis plants were germinated in the first week of January and they’re ready for harvest late March.

Video is also available on youtube, age restricted by their choice.

This plant started out pretty hearty, despite at least one significant over-watering while in seedling stage.

Things were looking incredible into the first two weeks of flower, but at some point as the plants became incredibly thirsty – I also became incredibly lazy and negligent.

This lady went 4 days without water and I thought she was going to be a goner. ALL of her leaves drooped vertical and only the juvenile leaves recovered fully. The plant stopped stretching and growing and took a full week to show any signs of actual growth.

Despite my mistakes, these ladies turned out pretty good. They smell like a burning tire smothered in fruit jelly.

The leaves purpled and presented hues of gold and amber without ever reaching temps lower than 69F.

This grow was sponsored by Mars Hydro. They provided two SP-3000 full spectrum LED lights and a 4×4 grow tent.