Haze 3 Vape Review

Haze Vapes is No More

Haze Vaporizers went out of business early 2019. This page left in tact for historical purposes.

Haze 3 Vaporizer
The Haze 3 Vaporizer stands 3.25″ tall, 3.125″ wide, and about an inch deep. It weighs 6.8 ounces.

The Haze 3 is a really unique vaporizer.  Under the hood (literally), this vape is packing TWO conduction heated bowls. Each bowl is capable of handling dry herb as well as concentrates. Its flask-like body is small and stealthy. When not in use, the mouthpiece retracts into the body – James Bond style.

Cliffs Notes : TL;DR

I love this vape. Its airflow is free-flowing and pleasant.  Most other vapes feel like sucking a milkshake through a straw, the Haze 3 has very low draw resistance. It’s gentle enough to have longer low temp sessions, and strong enough to plow through bowls at high temps. The dual bowls come in incredibly handy, I like keeping the concentrate can in one. It comes with a bunch of cool shit and a whopping TEN YEAR WARRANTY. Ten Years – have you even been shmokin weed for that long? It’s really well made and it looks and feels bitchin. When I show people my vape collection, the Haze 3 gets picked up and fondled the most. PLUS, Haze is an awesome company and they put out some really kickass accessories. They even have a recycle/upgrade program where you can get a brand new vape for 100 bucks when you send in your old one. That’s radass. The Haze 3 will set you back $249 at Puffitup, use coupon PUFFEDUP for 15% off!

This is on my list of best portable weed vapes, and it’s in my personal top 5 favorites.

What’s included with the Haze 3?

Haze 3 Vaporizer - What's Included
The Haze 3 comes with two batteries, a charger, two mouthpieces, 4 screens, two cans, cleaning/packing tools.

The Haze 3 comes with:
– Haze V3 Vaporizer
– Surgical Stainless Steel Mouthpiece
– Glass Mouthpiece
– 1 Dry Material Can
– 1 Concentrate Can w/liquid pad
– 2 Conduction Screens
– 2 “Convection” Screens
– 2 2600 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
– Wall Charger (with USB powered port!)
– Cleaning Tool (tweezers with a little spatula shape on the back end)
– Material Tool (a nice one)
– User Manual

Haze 3 Build Quality – Look & Feel

The Haze is solid feeling and heavy for its size. The bowls are stainless steel, along with a stainless steel vapor path. The top and bottom edges are a scratch-resistant enameled metal. The switching portion has a great feel to it. The battery latch on the bottom is sturdy and durable, it pulls out to reveal a 18650 rechargeable battery. The Haze 3 includes two mouthpieces: glass and stainless steel. I prefer the glass mouthpiece.

It feels absolutely incredible to hold. Gripping it, taking draws, and concealing it are all effortless – it feels natural to hold and to use. It even fits perfectly into pants pockets, cup holders. There are some plastic parts, but overall the unit is sturdy and durable. Mine has taken a few tumbles without suffering any breaks or cracks.

Haze 3 Vapor Quality

The Haze 3 produces some of the best vapor of any conduction vape. It has a low resistance airflow that feels more fluffy or spongy than other vapes. At lower temps, the vapor remains rich and flavorful for 6+ minutes depending on the quality of your material. Even at higher temps or longer sessions, the vapor doesn’t get extraordinarily hot or harsh.


The Haze is one of the few portable vapes that do VERY well. The included concentrate can handle wax, shatter, and oil with ease. It’s not quite like doing a dab, but at high temps, you’ll get several strong clouds.

Heat Up & Battery Life

I usually stick with the lower 2 of the 4 temperature settings. The Haze 3 heats to the first temp in 50 seconds, 56 seconds to the 2nd. I get about 4 sessions per charge, with each session being about 8-10 minutes. The vape comes with 2 batteries and an external charger. It’s quick and easy to swap batteries, which is perfect for long periods away from home.

Ease of Use

The loading and unloading of the Haze tend to be a little messy. It’s not a device you want to be reloading in your car. If that’s a problem, pick up the cans for more convenient on the go reloads. The device should be cleaned about once a month if you’re using it daily. It’s not difficult to clean, but it’s certainly not the simplest to clean either. I love the battery swapping and the dual ovens though. The temp settings are ideal and simple to use. The Haze is very user-friendly. There’s no learning curve. I just vape.

Haze 3 can storage keychain
Carry 8 preloaded screens or cans in this bitchin little Haze keychain!

Haze 3 Accessories

I normally don’t really mention accessories in a review, but this situation is different. The manufacturer has put out several really cool accessories specific to this vaporizer. Everything from cases, to water pipe adapters, to full glass recyclers. My favorite is the accessory keychain, which holds 8 of the little screens or cans – perfect for a day at OzzFest.

Warranty & Upgrade Program

In case you missed it, the Haze comes with a TEN YEAR warranty. They take product quality seriously and they stand behind their work.
They also have a Renew and Upgrade program. Send in your old Haze vape and receive a new (latest model) vaporizer for $99. They allow you to do this once per year. The vapes sent in are even donated to a charity. How cool is that?

Final Thoughts

The Haze 3 is a fantastic vaporizer. It’s an absolute pleasure to hold and a joy to use. It’s great for casual users as well as power users. It’s even great for passing around a circle. The Haze is absolutely the best conduction vaporizer available, and it’s one of my top 5 favorites of all time.

If the Haze 3 is right for you, I recommend purchasing it HERE. It’s normally $249, but use coupon code PUFFEDUP to get the Haze for $211.

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