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Haze Merger Vaporizer — Review Coming Soon

Update 8/7/18 – I don’t think this thing is a reality

Haze Merger Features:
• Infusion Mode – Utilize both chambers or different materials simultaneously.
• First induction heating vaporizer for a faster heat up and little to no radiant heat.
• Compatible with dried herb, concentrates and liquids.
• Dial in your preferences for the perfect mix and match material experience. For example, if you prefer 30% concentrates and 70% dry herb, simply rotate the dial to lock in your preference.
• LCD touch screen to adjust settings or read battery life.
• Adjustable temperature 250F – 450F chamber specific.
• Prepackable material pods.
• Removable parts for easy cleaning.
• Smart Temperature Technology allows the Square to remember you last presets.
• 10 Year Warranty.
• Interchangeable Li-Ion batteries.
• Built-In Mouthpiece Storage in battery compartment for safe keeping.

Haze has dedicated themselves to perfecting the dual chamber heating mechanism. The Haze v3 allowed users to switch from vaping weed to concentrates with a flick of a switch. With their newest vape the Haze Merger users will be able to vape both bowl simultaneously! Expect a full review of the Haze Merger once the vape gets released. You can read more information about the Merger here.