Hot Rod Review // Hard-Hitting Desktop Vaporizer (Old Head / Sticky Brick Collab)

For years cannabis vapes have carried a reputation for being weak and wimpy. Power users relied on desktop vapes for their power sessions, but many serious stoners stuck with smoking.

2021 Brings us Ball Vapes

The bleeding edge of dry herb vape tech is a whole new ball game – literally. Today’s most powerful herb extractors are utilizing ball-filled heaters to maximize convection power.

In simple stoner terms – today’s vapor is significantly stronger than smoke.

There are currently only 3 ball-filled vaporizers on the market and the Hot Rod is the newest to the arena.

Old Head Hot Rod – Desktop Vaporizer

Where to buy Hot Rod in the USA 110v

Hot Rod 220v available in the UK @ Vape Field

Australians can find the Hot Rod 220v available at Monks Vapes, and HighTechVaporizers