Power Farms – Yolo Berry | Worst Weed I’ve Bought from Eaze

Eaze is a California service offering recreational cannabis delivery throughout the state. Eaze uses a network of delivery drivers and partner dispensaries to offer a consistent line of brands and strains.

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Power Farms – Yolo Berry

This is my first time seeing this brand. The label lists Superior Herbal Health LLC as the mothership and links to theclinikla.com as its website.

Power Farms labels this cannabis flower at 20.60% THC and 23.67% total active cannabinoids, although there is information or source credited for these numbers.

I purchase 3.5 grams of this marijuana from Eaze and it was delivered in a child-proof glass jar.

Power Farms Yolo Berry from Eaze

Look & Feel of the Nugs

This is the first sign of disappointment. The nugs are completely frost-less. There is no signs of trichome heads or stalks on the surface of the nugs.

The nugs are a darker shade of green with a tan or amber tint – not the color or appearance I like to see. To the touch, the nugs are dry and crumbly – no signs of stickyness.

Closup of Nugs: Power Farms Yolo Berry from Eaze

The Smell & Taste

There’s a hint of berry aroma from the Power Farms YOLO Berry, but it’s faint and not the most dominant smell.

The Yolo Berry smells more like hay and mud than it does berries.

The taste is also a let down. It tastes and smells more like CBD flower than real weed.

The Verdict

This shit sucks. It takes a lot for me to be disappointed with a $19 eighth and this Power Farms draws the line.

I expect better from Eaze. I’m a big fan of the THC Design strains (glass jar, purple lid)