Last month, December of 2020, youtube gave the gift of a 3rd strike and promptly deleted my channel. Merry Christmas, right?

My appeals have all been rejected and the path is clear. Youtube prefers big tobacco money over objective vape content.


This is my calling and no conservative, pansy-assed platform is going to stand in my way.

420 Vapezone Announcements

Please watch the video, I’m proud of this one.

  • Old channel is gone, RIP 38,000 subscribers.
  • NEW MUSIC by DaneyBoy – Leave a comment with your thoughts!!
  • I’ll be uploading multiple videos weekly.
    • In addition to new content, old content will be refreshed and updated with 2021 relevancy.
  • My affiliate links to Puffitup and POTV are still the best ways to support me
    • but i’m opening my own vape store soon
    • partner powered by Puffitup
    • I also have a PATREON with a few nice perks
  • New podcasts / shows
  • Join the discord if you’re not a douche.