Transpring Refillable Cartridges, Disposable Vape Pens & Vape Pen Batteries

Vape cartridges are really getting popular. They’re convenient and incredibly easy to carry and use anywhere.

Fake cartridges and black market vape pens are a major concern for anyone outside of the West Coast legal cannabis scene. Filling your own cartridges is a great way to eliminate unknown fillers and chemicals in your vape cartridges.

Transpring makes refillable cartridges or cartimizers as well as disposable pens and batteries. They sent a bundle of products to review.

Transpring Ceramic Core Refillable Cartridge

Transpring Refillable Cartridge
Transpring Refillable Cartridge Vape for THC or CBD oil

This is the part you don’t want to cheap out on. While low-quality fake carts are leaching toxins into whatever hot-dog water they’re filled with, higher quality carts use reliable materials more safe for vaping.

The Transpring refillable cartridge looks and feels as nice or nicer than other brands. CCell is the industry standard brand and these Transpring cartridges feel nicer than the CCell.

After 5 refills there is no noticeable wear or tear on any part of the cartridge. There has been no degradation in flavor or performance. The small silicon O-rings have held their shape and there haven’t been ANY leaks. Although I did overfill once and it seemed to take several days to work the oil out of the nooks and crannies, I still consider that a user-error.

Other refillable vape cartridges came with a little syringe for filling, these did not. I had no issue filling with the larger syringe my distillate came in. Thicker oil may require a thinner syringe for filling.

I have not tested these carts with live resin or rosin. I’ve only tested them with THC distillate and CBD oil. Transpring has a few varieties of

Transpring Magic 710 Vape Battery

Transpring Vape Pen

The Magic 710 is Transpring’s ultra-compact 510 cart battery. The battery is small and perfectly compact. The recessed thread design minimizes overall size while maximizing the protection around the glass tank of the cartridge.

The vape pen battery comes with a magnetic thread adapter and a little velvet bag. The battery is inhale activated. There’s no pre-warm feature or button-activation.

It’s nice for its size and price. The cartridge loading diameter is big enough to fit the largest cartridges I have.

Disposable Vape Pens

Transpring also makes disposable vape pens with built in batteries. These are intended for white label use, for example, I could purchase these in bulk and have them branded with my 420 Vape Zone logo and fill them with my own oil and sell them.

Most disposable all-in-one vapes are made of plastic and paper and with a half-gram of oil, cost anywhere from $25 to $65 on the California market. These Transpring disposable vaporizers are much higher quality and it almost feels wasteful to throw them away when depleted.

The throwaway vapes use a stealthier mouthpiece design that’s rounded off and blunt compared to a typical cigar-style mouthpiece. There’s a glass window to see the remaining oil content. The mouthpiece tip unscrews to fill.

So far I’ve refilled the one I’ve tested twice and its still working. The battery is only 280mAh and I can’t imagine it lasting much longer.