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Tubo Evic Review

The Tubo Evic is a truly unique vape from Ralph over at Lamart.ch. The Tubo Evic is a full convection dry herb vaporizer that can be used as an on-demand vape as well as a session vape.

The Tubo Evic uses the Joyetech Evic battery and a custom built convection heater to serve potent and tasty hits.

This video review of the Tubo Evic was banned and deleted from Youtube. Check back later for a full editorial review and breakdown of the Tubo Evic features.

The Tubo Evic is one of the most capable and powerful vapes available. It’s a session vape, it’s an on-demand vape. It works VERY well and I recommend it.
It is available for purchase at lamart.ch

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