Airvape Legacy – Best of the Worst? (DO NOT BUY)

*Le Sigh*

This is a nice vape with some misguided engineering. Or at least that’s what I have to assume is wrong with the Airvape Legacy.

The Legacy is $250 and is packed with features that all make sense on paper, but the performance falls short and ultimately leaves me frustrated and annoyed.

Why the Airvape Legacy is a FAIL

The Legacy completely disregards todays vape temperature standards.

Combustion WILL HAPPEN at temps as low as 310F – which is ridiculous.

The device defaults to 420F, which is near instant combustion regardless of how much material is loaded in the bowl.

In order to use the device without combusting, I had to turn the temperature down to 299F and below.

Interface is CLUNKY and FINNICKY

This is a tough criticism, because the vape is designed and engineered very nicely. It looks and feels high quality…

The Airvape Legacy bowl design and the surrounding seals are the second major flaw of this vape. Both the lid and the bowl surrounds must remain clean and free of debris in order for the vapor path to pull, any small pieces of ABV or vaped herb will “break the seal” and cause a leak in the system – typically resulting in COMBUSTION.

The seals are oddly shaped and prone to debris. Maintaining them must be done regularly or this vape will perform inconsistently.

Gold Bowl Gimmick

Gold is in fact very good at conducting heat! The bowl will heat up quickly and radiate that heat quickly. Perhaps the gold in the Legacy bowl even contributes to some of the vapes good features – it’s quick to vapor and the vapor tastes good.

But the *bling bling* and marketing bullet-points are really why gold is being used. The gold bowl offers no real world differentiation in this vaporizers performance.

But Aluminum just wouldn’t look and sound like a $250 vape…


If you’re looking at the Legacy, you’re *probably* interested in it because it has an On-Demand vapor feature. I don’t recommend the Airvape Legacy because there are better vapes for less money out there.

These on-demand vapes are better than the Airvape Legacy:

  • Tinymight – It’s the same price and has most of the same features. It hits harder, tastes better, and it has a 1-10 power scale that actually relates to the vape temperature.
  • Tetra P80 – About the same price, depending on which wood/finish you go with. This one is slightly less portable than the Tinymight and the Airvape Legacy, but it excels at tasty vapor production and curb-stomps the others in cool-factor.
  • FireFly 2+ – I’m really not even a fan of this vape, but if you are looking for on-demand vapor in a classy device with amazing flavor – this is the one to get.
  • Grasshopper IO – Ugh don’t buy a grasshopper either – they don’t care about timelines or their customers. Buuut, search entexchange or something if you think the Grasshopper vape is right for you.
  • Vivant Vleaf Go – a sub $100 option. It’s still a quirky vape, but I’d feel more comfortable carrying the Vleaf Go than the Airvape Legacy.