The Angus is a promising dry herb vape that utilizes a small halogen light bulb to create convection heat. Its dual removable batteries provide plenty of power to heat about two dozen internal glass balls for convection power.

So much convection power that there have been MELTING COOLING UNITS? Sadly, there have been 3 instances of melting cooling units in the last month or two. YLLvapes, the maker, has already made updates to the Angus cooling unit.

The OLD Cooling unit was made out of  PPSU plastic. The new cooling unit is PEAK plastic and stainless steel, with the metal being in the center to make it essentially melt-proof.

I haven’t vaped weed with the updated cooling unit yet because I’m recently fresh off a tolerance break and I’m also recovering from COVID at the moment, so I can only vape a little bit per day.

I’ll be updating this post with additional information and pictures as I test the updated cooling unit. 

Feel free to leave questions below or in the dedicated #Angus channel in Discord.

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