I got the new G6 Blender from Victory Glassworks and this thing is a BEAST of a banger!

The 80mm tall vaporization column has 3mm thick quartz sidewalls for amazing heat retention.

The banger itself is 18mm wide, which is slightly wider than the average 16mm column of their Terp Slurpers, but still more narrow than the 20mm G5 Hybrid Blenders.

I find that the 18mm column is a great size. The 20mm was too large and required significant airflow to keep a pillar spinning – especially with larger globs – but the 18 spins relatively easily.

Cleaning the G6 is more difficult as standard Q-tips are just too short to reach the bottom. I’ve been using the isopropyl spray bottle and paper towels to keep the G6 clean.

This is a traditional “Terp Blender” and not a hybrid, which means the grooves are cut into the melt dish on the bottom instead of the vaporization column. Blenders are a little bit harder to clean as there are more tiny holes for reclaim to get caught in, but the airflow and action are slightly smoother than a comparable Terp Slurper.

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G6 Terp Blender from Victory Glassworks
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