Dry Herb Atomizer ROUNDUP: ALL 510 Dry Herb Tanks Compared

Box mods have taken vaping and vapes to the next level. If you already own a box mod battery you’re already halfway to a quality dry herb vaporizer!

These dry herb atomizers are the best way to vaporize weed / dry herb with your box mod. There are several low-quality attachments and vape tanks intentionally left off this list.

Dry herb tanks have existed for many years, but have only recently hit a quality threshold worth wasting money on.

If the dry herb atomizer you’re looking at isn’t on this list – it’s probably a piece of shit or just not ‘readily available enough’ to be on a list like this.

Dry Herb Atomizers

The two best dry herb atomizers available are the Stempod and the Splinter. Both are very different than the typical dry herb tank. The Stempod, from Modpod Labs, and the Splinter, from RBT Engineering, are both convection vaporizers. While other dry herb tanks simply heat your weed until it starts producing vapor, these two dry herb atomizers use the 510 power to create a convection vaporizer which produces more vapor and a much nicer experience. They’re also MUCH faster than the other herb tanks.

Stempod from ModPod Labs

Stempod from ModPod Labs

The Stempod is a full convection 510 dry herb vape that fits any 510 box mod. The Stempod uses very high-quality materials and is designed and built by professionals. The dry herb tank constructed using high-grade stainless steel barrel, screen, and convection coil heating deck. The dry herb or cannabis is loaded into the glass stem/mouthpiece, which is then inserted into the vape. The Stempod works well in power mode or temperature control mode* and can be easily tuned to produce a variety of vapor experiences. At 40 watts I can get big bold clouds on the very first hit and extract a full bowl in 3 hits or less. Stempod is available from ModPodlabs for $125 (currently $99 on sale).
RBT Splinter & Splinter Z

RBT Splinter & Splinter Z

RastaBuddhaTao has been producing quality dry herb vapes for several years. The RBT Zion and Milaana vaporizers were absolute game-changers for modern stoners.

The RBT Splinter utilizes a 510 mod to bring full convection dry herb vaporization to the palm of your hand. Splinter and Splinter Z bodies are hand-turned from responsibly harvested woods. The convection heaters in the Splinter are handmade and never need to be replaced, unlike other dry herb vape mods on this list.

Available for $120 in the RBT Store.

Honorable Mention to the Tubox from lamart. The Tubox uses the same coil-based convection heater as the Tubo Evic, but comes as a single 510 heater on a leash instead of as a handheld device.

The Tubox isn’t quite the same format as the usual Dry herb atomizers, but it outperforms many of today’s modern dry herb vapes.

I don’t own a Tubox to compare, but it’s literally the same heater and can be controlled by the same mod so it’s essentially a Tubo Evic – which is one of the best handheld dry herb vaporizers around.

The TUBOx has a 6 week wait time and will set you back $128.

Other Dry Herb Vape Tanks
There are other dry herb atomizers for box mods, but I much prefer the Stempod and Splinter over the rest of the list. The three vapes listed above are pure convection and give the user full control of the vapor experience. The vapes below sacrifice agility, vapor experience, and build quality for a lower price.

Divine Crossing – Rebuildable Dry Herb Atomizer

This dry herb tank uses a ceramic heating element to heat the bowl and air intake. It looks sexy and comes from a brand I trust, but the performance just isn’t what I would expect from a dry herb vape. The vapor starts coming around on the 4th hit. A better vape will have the bowl fully extracted by then. The DC dry herb 510 atomizer is available at ineedhemp.com for $39. I’d still buy this before anything below.

mig vapor dry herb atomizer in glass and black dome

Mig Vapor Sub-Herb Atomizer

The Mig Vapor Herb atomizer is a makeshift radiant/conduction vaporizer for dry herb and cannabis. It slips on to any 510 thread and powers up with 20-50 watts of power. The Black Sub Herb Atomizer produces vapor in about 10 seconds, and that’s the end of the positive list. The flavor is mediocre at best, especially when compared to the convection vapes on this list. The bright side is it’s only $42 so it doesn’t sting so much when you decide to throw it away and upgrade.

G Pen / G Slim Ground Material Vaporizer

What is this a joke? Yeah pretty much. I can’t imagine how this thing ended up on the market. G-pen has removed it from their websites, but smokeshops all over the country are still pushing this junk onto innocent victims. I’ve never heard a single piece of decent advice about vapes from smoke shop employees. This coil based “vaporizer” takes a pinch of weed and turns it into a weird mix of ash and disappointment. This isn’t a good vape. Please do not buy it. I’m listing it here to tell you how terrible it is. AVOID.