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Best Dynavap Accessories: Performance Upgrades, Stems, and Stands

Updated January 10, 2023

The DynaVap VapCap is a portable dry herb vaporizer with a thriving community of followers. The Vapcap is a simple vape with many varieties and options. Dynavap enables and encourages makers to make custom Vapcap stems and mouthpieces, even offering wholesale costs on raw materials and Dynavap parts!

With so many Dynavap mods, upgrades, and accessories available, this guide will break down my favorites. I’ll highlight products from accessory-makers and artisans as well as great convenience accessories available from Amazon!

Dynavap Performance Accessories

The Dynavap is already a high-performance, ultra-efficient vaporizer, but 2022 brought us new innovations and accessories to improve the thermal performance even more! 

FMJ Dynavap thermal battery accessory

Simrell FMJ - Full Metal Jacket

The FMJ is a simple copper band that clips onto the Dynavap cap and acts as a thermal battery.

Using a Dynavap with the Full Metal Jacket accessory will produce a longer, more intense vaporization and a simpler heat-up!

The copper band holds extra heat and keeps the Dynavap tip hotter, longer – giving you a more thorough extraction and darker roast without additional torching.

Vaphit Silver Collar Dynavap Accessory for added thermal extraction

Vaphit Silver Collar Cover

Much like the FMJ, the Vaphit is a simple metal band that clips onto the Dynavap cap to add thermal mass and hold heat.

While the FMJ uses cheap copper, the Vaphit uses SILVER which has even better thermal properties and doesn’t corrode or turn green like copper.

The Vaphit is available in 2 different sizes.

Multi-Tip Dynavap Accessories

These Dynavap multi-tip adapters will allow you to use 2 or more tips at the same time.  Accessories like this can dramatically increase the potency of your vaporizer.

Tandem Innovations Dual Tip Adapter

Tandem Innovations Dual Adapter

This is the original dual-tip accessory for the Dynavap. These Stainless Steel splitters keep both tips next to each other for easier heating. These ship from Europe.

Glass WPA for Dynavap that holds TWO tips instead of one

Glass Dynavap Dual Tip with WPA mouthpiece

This is the best way to double your Dynavap dosage without damaging your carpet with a hot-ass Tandem Innovations adapter that fell off after heating because it’s just too heavy for a single stem.

Dynavap Stems

The ultimate Dynavap upgrade! Since Dynavap tips and caps are universal, there are dozens of Dynavap stem upgrade options. See the FULL LIST OF DYNAVAP STEM MAKERS or choose one of my favorite stems.

MAD Heaters Revolve stem for Dynavap vaporizers

Revolve Stem by MAD Heaters

The Revolve by MAD is the most technologically advanced and highest-performing cooling stem available for the Dynavap vaporizer.

These stems are grade 5 titanium and are loaded with badass features like adjustable airport, lockable spinning mouthpiece, draw resistance control, and even a removable reclaim filter!

Simrell Collection Titanium Vortex with Intercooler

Simrell Vortex & MVS

The Simrell Vortex is the original high-performance Dynavap Stem and still one of the nicest vaping experiences available. 

The original Simrell Vortex is simpler and sleeker than the MVS. The Vortex features a wider condenser and a spiraled intercooler similar to the Revolve. The MVS has adjustable aeration and is more modular, but also more clunky.

Wooden Dynavap Stems

Artisan-made Wooden Dynavap Stems

Wooden Dynavap stems are sexy and stylish. There are dozens of artisans making unique stems and accessories for Dynavap.

Artisan stems are the best way to accessorize and upgrade your Dynavap experience.

Many of these artisans will build a custom stem just for you, just reach out and let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll let you know what they can do and how much it’ll cost you. Prices vary from $70-400.


There are HUNDREDS of wood, metal, and glass stems available. I have a page dedicated to aftermarket Dynavap Stems and Dynavap accessory makers.

Dynavap Stashes & Travel Accessories

The Vapcap fits perfectly in your pocket, but that’s probably not the best way to carry it. Several artisans and makers sell cases and stashes to make your Dynavap even more portable.

Dynavap Dynastash

Dynastash Dynavap Case

The classic wooden Dynastash is a perfect companion accessory for Dynavap users. The wooden body can hold a hot vape without worrying about burning your hands or pockets. The Dynastash also features a magnet for decapping and cooling your hot Dynavap tip.

Futo Stash Dynavap Accessory

Futo Stash - WOW Factor++

The Futo Stash is a colorful and elegant Dynavap stash made with reinforced wood and acrylic fill.

These bold and beautiful Dynavap accessories are absolutely gorgeous to look at and hold. 

Add even more flair to your Dynavap collection with a matching Futo stem! That’s right, you can get a matching Stem and Stash – the ultimate Dynavap accessory!

Dynavap SILO stash - a slim and slender vaporizer case and recommended Dynavap accessory

Dynavap SILO

The SILO Dynavap case is a slim and slender way to carry your vaporizer. The all-metal tube unscrews on one end to slip in and conceal your Dynavap.

The SILO comes in two sizes, regular and XL. The XL won’t hold many of the thicker or longer custom stems but will hold the Dynavap Omni XL just fine.

Dynabox Dynavap Accessories - thin wooden cases

DynaBox Dynavap Case

These thin wooden Dynavap cases use lightweight balsa wood and neodymium magnets to create a really nice way to carry your vape. These accessories are available in a few different sizes and designs, too!

PotV Dynavap Tube Stash

PotV Metal Dynavap Tube

This Dynavap stash is a metal tube with a magnet on one end, perfect for decapping or cooling a hot Dynavap tip! For $15, this is a great accessory to keep your vape in, it’s airtight and inconspicuous.

Dynavap Stands & Collector Accessories

Whether you have one Dynavap or 100, keeping your vaporizers neatly organized is a must. The smaller stands are great accessories for people who vape at their desks, while the larger stands can display your entire collection!

Dynavap Stand with 4 magnets and 4 Vapcaps held vertically

Quad Dynavap Magnet Stand

Great value from Planet of the Vapes here with this stand. It has 4 magnets to hold 4 vapes and it’s only $19.99.

PotV Round Wooden Dynavap stand - best accessory for collectors

Round Wooden 6 Magnet Stand

This round stand will hold up to SIX Dynavaps in a sleek and small footprint.  This one is also only $19.99.

Simrell Pedestal - accessory for displaying a Dynavap vaporizer

Simrell Pedestal

This sleek little stainless steel disc has a strong neodymium magnet in its center to hold a single Dynavap vaporizer upright. This is the perfect accessory for anyone who vapes at their desk or wants to display their vape.

Dynavap display accessory - black launch pad from Interplanetary Development

Dynavap Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is the original singular Dynavap stand from Interplanetary Development. Thicker, blacker, and more affordable than the Simrell version – at only 12.50

Futo Dynavap Stand & Display system

Futo Dynavap Stands

The Canadian company behind the FUTO Stash also makes a few different Dynavap display accessories. The FUTO Stands are made to hold and display multiple Dynavap Vaporizers and are available on Etsy.

Dynavap Torches

VapCaps don’t run on batteries, but torches make all the difference. The dual torch insert for Zippos is a fan favorite on Reddit’s Vaporents forum.

Single-Flame Torch vs Multi-Flame Torch

I could dedicate an entire blog post to this topic. Either type of torch could be used with the VapCap. Single-flame torches offer more precision whereas multi-flame torches work better in windier conditions.

Blazer PB207 Dynavap Torch - one of the most recommended Dynavap Accessories

Best Single Flame Torch: Blazer PB-207

Cry once, they say! This torch will last forever and has the highest build quality available.

It’s hard to justify $50 for a pocket torch, but this Dynavap accessory will outlast a dozen cheaper torches. Available on Amazon.

Scorch Torch for Dynavap

Scorch Matador Torch

This is one of my favorite torches. I’ve gone through a couple of them over the last 7 years, so they don’t last forever, but they’re reliable and not going to break my heart if I lose it. $12 on Amazon

Triple Flame Torch for Dynavap Outdoor Use

Vertigo Triple Torch

Vertigo makes a great triple flame and this is the one I usually carry if I’m planning to use my Dynavap outside. It has a large tank for all-day vaping and for $15 it includes a case! Get it from PotV

Quad Flamed torch - best torch for outdoor Dynavap use


If you’re planning to use your Dynavap outside, a triple or quad-flamed torch is a must-have accessory! Wind and cold air make single-flame torches useless, but this multi-flame torch will still heat your Dynavap! Use code TROYTIME to save 10%

Dynavap Induction Heaters



Several Dynavap community members have created induction heaters to heat the Vapcap. These heaters forego the torch and use electrical current and induction to heat the tip of the Vapcap. No torch, no butane.




I own a few induction heaters, including the Dynavap Apollo and both portable and plug-in options from JoJo’s Creations. I highly recommend both. JoJo’s portable is AMAZING and has very good battery life and heater performance..




I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


  1. Roge

    It should be noted that vongs don’t fit inside the silo.

    • George G

      Good point Roge, I’ll make a note of that in an update. Thank you for reading :)

  2. Sam

    You should add a 10mm bubbler to the list. I got a 10mm pocket bubbler from Grav and the M19 is awesome through it.


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  1. Roge

    It should be noted that vongs don’t fit inside the silo.

    • George G

      Good point Roge, I’ll make a note of that in an update. Thank you for reading :)

  2. Sam

    You should add a 10mm bubbler to the list. I got a 10mm pocket bubbler from Grav and the M19 is awesome through it.


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