The DynaVap VapCap is a portable dry herb vaporizer with a thriving community of followers. The Dynavap Vapcap is a simple vape with many varieties and options.

These are my favorite tools and vape accessories for the Dynavap Vapcap vaporizers.

Interplanetary Development Silo - $25

Interplanetary Development Silo – $25

This unique case allows one to store and carry the VapCap inside, similar to the purple case mentioned above, but better! For starters this case comes equipped with o-rings around the seals to ensure a truly smell-proof case. The Silo also features dual storage compartments: for your vape and herb.

Vapcap Purple Storage Tube

Vapcap Purple Storage Tube

Whether you’re looking for an ultra slim container to carry your VapCap in, or a slim container to carry ground up weed. These purple storage tubes from PuffitUp are perfect! These tubes also work really well for cleaning your vapcap – just fill with iso alcohol and soak your parts for a few minutes.

Interplanetary Development Launch Pad $12.50

Interplanetary Development Launch Pad $12.50

Never look for your VapCap again by purchasing an Interplanetary Development Launch Pad. This hockey puck looking base offers a budget friendly place to secure your VapCap.

VapCap Dynastash $45

VapCap Dynastash $45

The Dynastash is a wooden carrying case offered by Dynavap. The cleverly named Dynastash is available in a variety of finishes. These cases are perfect for taking VapCaps on the go. They also serve as a base for desktop vapestations.

ZEN pipe cleaners (3-pack)

ZEN pipe cleaners (3-pack)

All vapes require routine maintenance, the following items take almost all the hassle out of the process. First on the list is the ZEN pipe cleaners (3-pack) These little guys are freaking amazing! Not only do the little fibers grab onto the tar built up inside vapes, the Zen pipe cleaners also have fine wire fibers that break through clogged reclaim.

Alcohol Wipes

Alcohol Wipes

Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) melts built up reclaim the same way water melts to the wicked witch of the west from the Wizard of Oz. These handy pre-packaged Alcohol Wipes allow you to have the awesome power of alcohol while on the go!

VapCap Spare Parts (o-rings, mouthpieces, condensers)

VapCap Spare Parts (o-rings, mouthpieces, condensers)

*not for all VapCaps – Be sure to double check the compatibility of each part with the VapCap setup you have.

If your VapCap gets even half as much love as Troy’s does, then I highly recommend picking up some spare parts so your VapCap doesn’t suddenly go out of commission due to a blown o-ring. Some spare parts I would suggest picking up include: o-rings, mouthpieces, condensers.

VapCap Deluxe Kit

VapCap Deluxe Kit

If you’re looking for a solid upgrade to the VapCap, DynaVap has you covered. The deluxe kit comes with the every single upgrade you could ever want. The kit includes a purple carrying case, spare parts, cleaning supplies, a mouthpiece, and even a new torch!

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Scorch Torch

Scorch Torch

This is my goto torch. Perfect for Vapcaps and Sticky Bricks. My first one held up for 3 years before developing minor issues (requires a *slow click* to light).

Use premium butane and purge your lighter ever 3 refills and this lighter will last you several years.

Scorch Torch

The Vortex Stem w/Intercooler - Simrell Collection

The Vortex Stem w/Intercooler – Simrell Collection

The Vortex cooling stem for the Dynavap Vapcap vaporizer is one of the most impressive and game-changing cooling stems in the Dynaverse.

From the exterior, the Vortex is a simple one-piece titanium stem. But on the inside, there is clearly something different going on. The Vortex stem from Simrell Collection delivers the coolest and the smoothest vapor of any Dynavap vape I’ve used.

Costs of the Vortex

Simrell Collection Titanium Vortex with Intercooler

Custom Anodized Vortex with Intercooler – By Simrell Collection

The Vortex Stem is $150 in naked Titanium, or $200 with custom anodization. Titanium is expensive and expensive to work with. It doesn’t come with a tip or a cap, but most people looking at a Vortex will be upgrading from a Vapcap M or an Omni. If you need to add a tip and a cap, factor in another $60 for a titanium tip and cap.

Is it worth it?
It depends. If the Dynavap Vapcap is your daily driver, the Vortex stem will deliver the nicest vaping experience and incredibly smooth and cool vapor. The Vortex also looks sleeker and sexier than almost every other vape on the market, while natively fitting a 10mm female water bong. One hundred and fifty bones is a lot, but you can’t put a price on the happiness delivered by a product that you love using.

If I were to lose mine today, I would spend another $200 to replace it immediately.


The Intercooler is a titanium spiral that slips into the Vortex and adds nearly a square inch of surface area to the vapor path. The Intercooler splits the vapor path into two channels and forces the vapor to travel an elongated path and come in contact with more titanium. This cools the vapor without adding significant draw restriction – you CAN feel the difference in restriction though. The Intercooler add-on is $15 and will fit both the Titanium Vortex and the Wooden Vortex. The Intercooler is NOT compatible with the Vapcap M, Omni, Nonavong, or any other stem. The Intercooler is designed specifically for the Simrell Vortex.

Anodizing Options

If naked Titanium isn’t your thing and you’d rather bring some color into your vape collection, Austyn will anodize your Vortex for an additional $50. Anodizing is a process that creates a layer of oxidation on the outer surface. No dyes are used, only electricity and some common household chemicals. Variations in the voltage used, or something like that, can create different colors of anodization.

The rainbow of available colors gives Austyn another creative playground. He can anodize in the color of your choice, or fade between two. Keep in mind this is an art, not an exact science, so talk to Austyn about your ideas before designing your perfect vape.

titanium anodizing colors

By TiCPUOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

I’ve been told that the colorful anodized surface of my Vortex is capable of being scratched and scuffed and that deep scratches will cause naked titanium to show through. I’ve carried my stem in my pocket with other things and have not found ANY scratches on my Vortex stem. I’m not sure if I’ve just gotten lucky, or if Austyn anodized my stem extra hard, or maybe I’m just not being rough enough with it.

Compared to other Dynavap Vaporizers

It’s hard to describe the differences in the Vortex Vapor. They’re subtle and subjective, but there are legit differences in temperature and the vapor feels more smooth and fluffy as it rolls into your mouth.

The Dynavap Vapcap M is only $70 and to the unfamiliar, it will produce the exact same vapor as the Vortex. They’re both driven by the same engine – the Dynavap Vapcap tip and cap.

The Vapcap M is like the Honda Civic. Affordable, reliable, easy to drive, easy to maintain. It will get you and your friends where you need to go. The Vapcap M is a fantastic value, that’s why they’re everywhere. Everyone has one, or should, or they’ve passed it down while upgrading themselves.

Simrell Vortex With other Dynavap Stems

The Omnivap and the Nonavong options are nice Dynavap upgrades. They’re the Lexus of the Dynavap automotive lineup here. Really nice upgrades deliver your dry herb vapor in a more luxurious and feature-rich experience. Adjustable airport, native water pipe fittings, spinning mouthpieces, wooden barrels, etc. The vapor doesn’t change so much, but the experience does.

But then we get into the Vortex.
The Vortex is the Lambo. It’s built to look, feel, and deliver differently. It’s still powered by the same Dynavap Vapcap tip, but the Vortex stem engages the tip differently and manipulates the vapor in beneficial ways as it travels towards your lips and lungs. The Simrell Vortex, with or without the intercooler, delivers the smoothest vapor and most pleasurable vaping experience I’ve had with a vapcap.

Pick up a Vortex from or contact him via his instagram.

If you’re not ready for a Vortex, but would like to further explore other Dynavap Vapcap vaporizers, hit up my Dynavap Vapcap Buying Guide.

Other Work By Simrell Collection

Austyn has been making high end custom wooden pens for years and his specialty is actually with wood. This whole time we’ve been adoring his #metal. Here’s a little gallery of his wooden Dynavap stems and other custom Vortices.
All images swiped from @SimrellCollection


VapCaps don’t run on batteries, but torches make all the difference. The dual torch insert for Zippos are a fan favorite on Reddit’s Vaporents forum.

Single-Flame Torch vs Multi-Flame Torch

I could dedicate an entire blog post to this topic. Either type of torch could be used with the VapCap. Single-flame torches offer more precision whereas multi-flame torches work better in windier conditions.

Vapcap Induction Heaters

Several Dynavap community members have created induction heaters to heat the Vapcap. These heaters forego the torch and use electrical current and induction to heat the tip of the Vapcap. No torch, no butane.

I do not own an induction heater (yet). Here is a list of Vapcap induction heater makers:

  • Mag Heater
  • Flux Heaters
  • Pipes
  • Lucid Customs