The long-awaited and much overdue update to the Crafty vaporizer is finally here! While these updates aren’t drastically different, the performance increase is substantial enough for me to be excited.

Storz & Bickel Crafty is now Crafty+

The Crafty originally launched in 2014 and has remained one of the most popular high-end portable dry herb vaporizers.

Despite the lack of updates and a premium price tag of $279, the Crafty vaporizer landed at the top of every reviewer’s best portable vape list – except for mine (until now).

Storz Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer vs Crafty Vape

Crafty+ Vape at a Glance

  • Same price as recently price-dropped Crafty, $279
  • Patented heating technology that uses both convection and conduction
  • Dry Herb + Concentrates
  • 104° F – 410° F (40° C – 210° C)
  • 11cm x 5.7cm x 3.2cm
  • 120g
  • 3 year warranty
Crafty+ Vaporizer chamber comparison

Crafty+ Changes & Upgrades

PERFORMANCE – Let’s talk about the big stuff first. The OG Crafty was a let down at 3 or 4 bowls per charge. By the time the party is started, the original Crafty was ready to go home.

The Crafty+ manages to vape 6 or 7 bowls on a single charge! This increase in performance doesn’t come from a massively bigger battery, though! Instead, the Crafty+ has been optimized internally to make better use of its power. IMPRESSIVE.

FASTER CHARGING – in a side by side comparison, the Crafty+ charged in 84 minutes while the old Crafty vape charged in more than 125 minutes

BEYOND BOOST – The new Crafty+ vape has an additional Boost mode that can be triggered with a triple-press of the control button. Triple-clicking the button will max the temp to 410F, helpful for people who like to temp step while vaping cannabis.

The internal design of the mouthpiece and cooling unit is exactly the same. The Crafty+ has the same great vapor as the Crafty and Mighty – smooth, potent, fluffy and delicious.

Missed Expectations

Enthusiasts expect a lot. In the case of the Crafty+ vape upgrades, hardcore vape geeks were looking for more significant upgrades.

Removable Battery? – NOPE. The Crafty+ does NOT have a removable battery. Does it need one? Ehhh. It’s arguable.

USB-C Charging? – Not this time. I kinda thought this would have been an easy one, maybe even a no-brainer. It’s a potentially faster charging method, but maybe USB-C isn’t popular in other parts of the world? Hopefully the Mighty+ will add USB-C.

Better Materials? – Vape snobs hate plastic now and many were demanding a non-plastic Crafty.
Storz didn’t deliver, and to be honest I don’t blame them.

Storz Bickel Crafty Vaporizer Update

The Crafty+ vaporizer has an updated stir stick though! Translucent material with a logo, perfect for hiding that less-than-updated Micro-USB port.

REMOVED from Crafty+

It’s not all updates and upgrades! There are a few other little changes with the Crafty+ vape update:

  • No wall plug included. Storz assumes you have somewhere to plug a USB charger in by now…
  • No grinder – the cheap-but-reliable plastic grinder is no longer included
  • No loading tool – I never used it anyway
  • No brush – OK this one hurts. Storz vapes have always included a really kickass brush and the Crafty+ does not 🙁
  • Less O-rings – Crafty+ includes 3 of the small rings, but there are no extra gaskets for the cooling unit or the bowl-mount bayonet
  • Less paper & packaging – OK this is a good thing. Less waste, less inventory space. Good job.
Updated Crafty+ Stir Stick

Worthy Updates?

Comparing bullet-points alone paints a pretty pessimistic picture of the Crafty+ updates.

But in hand and comparing to the old Crafty and even the MIGHTY, the Crafty+ delivers significantly better performance.

With these updates, the Crafty+ can be confidently classified as a best-in-class portable vaporizer.

At $279 it is a luxury device with a luxurious experience.

While more affordable vapes like the Argo and Fury Edge deliver more features at a fraction of the price, the vapor quality and vaping experience just doesn’t deliver what the Crafty+ does.

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