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Davinci IQ Review

Obligitory [10] Intro: Ah the IQ. I’ve been tinkering with this little vape since December. The Davinci IQ and I have had some grand adventures. We’ve had some ups and downs, but we’re through them. We’re here. I’ve decided she’s a keeper. She’s not perfect, but they never are. You may think they are at first, but then you start to see through their shit. It’s all good though. All issues seem tolerable. I’ve grown to like the IQ and find myself reaching for it often. We sneak away in the garage and hit ping pong balls with the bot. Sometimes we talk long walks down the trail, stopping at the bench for a bowl-stir or a re-pack. Or both. The heat of her body warms my fingers, cold from the southern California night. I don’t mind that the WPA mouthpiece is a little sharp. I’m a man, my lips should be tougher anyway. Her bowl is stained up already but in her defense, I have been using it in a slightly unintended way. Stainless steel screens folded around giant dabs of shatter are not recommended by Davinci – but padded with a layer of medium ground they will put you into orbit after a 10 minute session at 380-400F. Goodnight Charlie.

The Davinci IQ is the latest high-end ultra-portable cannabis vaporizer. It utilizes a conduction oven to produce a remarkably smooth vapor that is unlike most conduction vaporizers. The IQ is powered by a removable 3500mah 18650 battery.  It’s small enough to palm, packs .3g in the bowl with ease, and gets about 5 bowls per charge. It’ll set you back $275 no matter where you go.

I think it’s a great personal vaporizer. It works well and is fun to use. It’s well made and performs VERY well. Custom smart paths are great, but I’m pissed that the app crashes on my Note 4.

In my opinion, it’s worth $275. Make sure you read up on recent customer service issues though. r/vaporents and FC forums.

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Davinci IQ Cannabis Vaporizer
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  • Glenn February 16, 2018, 11:03 pm

    Quick question. In your 1 year review you have a green battery. Do you have any recommendations on what batteries can be used and what chargers are ‘safe’ to use with this warm/hot device?

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