Dynavap Buyers Guide: Which Dynavap Vapcap is right for you?

2021 Update – A LOT has changed in the Dynaverse and this buyers guide needs an update. Dynavap completely revamped their line-up of Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs). The M remains the simplest and basic flagship device and the Omni is the higher end luxury device, while the new Vong replaces the Omnivong and the Hydravong with a portable device that’s native to both lips and water pipes.

2021 Dynavap Vapcap Lineup

2021 Vapcap M // 2021 Vong // 2021 Omni
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The Dynavap Vapcap is one of the most affordable dry herb vaporizers available and also one of my absolute favorites. It’s a simple vaporizer with a familiar ritual. Pack the little bowl just like you’d pack a one-hitter. Heat the tip with a little lighter, the vapcap protects your herb from the flame. When it *clicks* – it’s ready to hit. Put it to your lips and hit that shit!

Even with only 3 models of the vaporizer, there’s already an infinite number of combinations and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Dynavap Demonstration Video: Full Lineup Comparison
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(info below is out of date, see Dynavap History Page.

Vapcap ModelPriceMaterial
Vapcap M$70Stainless Steel – 20g, 92mm
#1 on my Best Budget Vapes
Nonavong$85Wooden body fits 14mm glass – 92mm
Titanium Tip & Condenser
Nonavong-S$100Wooden body fits 14mm glass – 92mm
Spinning Mouthpiece
Titanium Tip & Condenser
Nonavong-XLS$105Wooden body fits 14mm glass – 109mm
Titanium Tip & Condenser
Wood Spinning Mouthpiece
OmniVong$155Wooden body fits 14mm glass – 92mm
Titanium Tip, Omni Mouth/Carb assembly
OmniVong-XL$165Wooden body fits 14mm glass – 109mm, titanium tip, titanium mouthpiece condenser assembly
OmniVap$180Titanium body & Tip
Omni Mouth/Carb assembly
OmniVap-XL$190Titanium body & tip- 109mm
Omni Mouth/Carb assembly

Best Value, Best Budget Vape – Vapcap M

Dynavap Vapcap M

The Vapcap M is one of the smallest sleekest dry herb vapes available and it’s also one of the cheapest. Checking in at a mere $70, it’s my #1 pick for the Best Budget Vape. The Vapcap M is updated yearly, with the 2019 version shipping this April.

The Vapcap M is perfect for any level of vaporist, including beginners as well as seasoned vape users. The Vapcap M can be upgraded with a Titanium tip or even a longer condenser and spinning mouthpiece if you’re looking to customize your vape. To use the Dynavap Vapcap M through a bong or bubbler you will need the fatty mouthpiece or a WPA from delta3dstudios.

From budget to Benz: Dynavap OmniVAP

Dynavap Omnivap XL

The Omnivap line of vaporizers are made of lightweight titanium and include a matching mouthpiece and condenser. The mouthpiece of the Omnivap can be twisted to adjust the default carb airflow.

The Omnivap is available in standard (92mm) and XL (109mm) versions. Both of these devices can be converted into Omnivong with the purchase of a wooden vong stem or body.

Made for the Bongs: Dynavap NonaVong

Dynavap Nonavong XLS

The Nonavong is a wooden version of the classic vapcap vape, but with the clever design that fits natively into a 14mm female glass bong. The Nonavong lineup uses Titanium tips and condensers to keep the vape ultra-lightweight and portable.

Nonavongs are available in two different lengths, two different woods, and with or without the spinning mouthpiece! You can also UPGRADE to a titanium adjustable carb assembly and convert your vape into an OMNIVONG

Custom Dynavap Vapcap Vaporizers

The Dynavap vaporizer is modular and the tip size is standard. Not only are the parts mostly interchangeable, there are several artisans making custom stems, mouthpieces, cases, and even induction heaters for the vapcap!

There are dozens of other community members who have stepped up with custom offerings and Dynavap Vapcap accessories. This page is a work in progress.

Leave a comment down below if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.