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Dynavap Woodwynd – Helix Tip with a Slim and Slender Stem

Dynavap makes one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers available and it’s a rare treat to see an actual new model in their lineup. Dynavap vaporizers are highly efficient and battery-free vapes designed for microdosing.

The Woodwynd is the new addition to the Dynavap line, and the first model to come with the recently released Helix Tip.

The Dynavap Woodwyn is the lightest Dynavap vaporizer – weighing only 10g.

Dynavap Woodwynd is the latest dry herb vaporizer from Dynavap. It has a wooden stem and titanium Helix tip.

Tradition Meets Modern

The Woodwynd has a sleek and slender Padouk body with elegantly capped crowns of titanium that match the mouthpiece and Helix tip. This is a throwback to the early Dynavap Ti-Woody vaporizers that were once considered high-end and luxury vapes. The Woodwynd is well above and beyond any wooden vaporizers Dynavap has made in the past.
This vape has the ultra precision parts and performance of the Omni, while delivering a new level of sexy sleekness similar to a Simrell stem. It’s incredibly light and it’s so satisfying to hold!
At $149 the Dynavap Woodwynd is priced between the top-of-the-line Omni and Vong vaporizers.
Dynavap Woodwynd is 5 pieces including the cap

Every Component of the Woodwynd has been Upgraded

  • Helix Tip – This is the lightest tip Dynavap has ever made! The bowl is heat-treated to make it even more durable and the small side holes are optimized to increase convection heating. The Helix Tip is Dynavap’s most flavorful tip.
  • Twisted Titanium Condenser – This condenser is twisted to increase surface area and give the vapor a cooling vortex effect. The notched end clicks into the mouthpiece with a satisfying lock.
  • Titanium Multi-Tool Mouthpiece – The mouthpiece has a twisty feel that looks great and feels marvelous. Plus the length of the mouthpiece is the exact height for setting the CCD in the tip – a brilliant feature!
  • Titanium Crowned Padouk Hourglass Body – The pinch in this stem is perfect and the shape reminds me of high end Simrell stems. The Woodwynd is perfectly balanced over the airport and holds better than any other Dynavap combo out there.

The airport is tuned on the tighter side, which is exactly how I always have my Omni tuned. This setting is perfect for hitting the vape without worrying about finding and fluttering the hole.

The Woodwynd looks, feels, and performs like a high-end performance stem.

The Woodwynd's Helix tip features convection grooves and holes

Dynavap Helix Tip is a Work of Art

The Helix Tip is not entirely new, but this is the first time this tip has been paired with a stem as a complete vaporizer. When the Helix tip came out a few months ago it was only available as an accessory and the die-hard Dynavap fans scooped them up quickly!

The Helix Tip is optimized for higher airflow and more convection heating. The X grooves in the tip align with the convection holes and serve as air channels as well as captive-cap-removal channels.

This tip is fast to heat up and fast to cool down. The high airflow make it the most comfortable Dynavap tip I’ve used as well as the most responsive.

The little “flying buttresses” on the tip make a cool helix shape that also appears on the mouthpiece.

Buy yourself a WoodWynd

Pick up a Dynavap Woodwyn and use code “TROYTIME” at checkout to save 10%

Learn More About Dynavap

The Dynavap has so many options and custom configurations to choose from

Explore Other Portable Vapes

Looking for a more traditional portable dry herb vape? We’ve got you covered!

Woodwynd Mouthpiece “Multi-tool” Abilities

This right here is what makes me LOVE Dynavap! The Mouthpiece has multiple functions aside from being a mouthpiece. It’s also a tool to set the bowl screen (CCD) and can be used to switch the bowl capacity from full to half-sized, or vice versa.

Many Dynavap Tips have been configurable in a full-bowl or half-bowl capacity, but moving the Circumferential Compression Disc (CCD), or the screen, used to take a special level of patience, persistence, and luck.

The Helix Tip and Helix Mouthpiece are made for each other!

How to set the half-pack setting with the Woodwynd Mouthpiece and Helix Tip

Half Bowl Setting

To set the half-bowl setting, remove the tip, mouthpiece, and condenser from the vape and insert the short o-ringed portion of the mouthpiece into the bowl. 

Insert the condenser through the other end of the tip and use it to push the CCD screen into the half-bowl position. The mouthpiece stops the CCD perfectly in the half-bowl groove and sets it securely.

Woodwynd Helix Mouthpiece pushes the Dynavap CCD Screen back into full-bowl setting

Full Bowl Setting

To set the Helix tip back to the full-bowl setting, simply remove the mouthpiece from the stem and use the smaller mouthpiece portion to push the CCD screen deeper into the bowl.

The tip has two grooves to hold the CCD in either position and the mouthpiece can be used to push the screen into either half-pack or full-pack settings.

10mm Water Pipe Compatible

The Woodwynd mouthpiece will also slip perfectly into a 10mm female glass joint, making this Dynavap compatible with most glass with or without an adapter.

10mm is pretty small, but it’s a common size for dab rigs.

The Dynavap B and Dynavap M will also natively fit 10mm glass. The Dynavap Vongs will fit 14mm while also offering an adjustable airport.

Where to Buy Dynavap

Dynavap Vaporizers are available at a lot of local headshops, smoke shops, and anywhere quality dry herb vaporizers are sold. Dynavap has hundreds of retailers all around the world.

Local retailers rarely have the full selection of Dynavap and all of their options. Below are a few popular online vape shops that carry the full Dynavap line.

  • Direct from Dynavap – Dynavap ships directly from their USA factory in Madison, Wisconsin. You can even use code “TROYTIME” to save 10% off most purchases!
  • Planet of the Vapes – PotV is the internet’s largest and most trusted online vape store and they carry a full selection of Dynavap vaporizers as well as 3rd party stems and accessories!

Have Questions or Comments about the Dynavap Woodwynd?

Leave a comment down below if you picked up the Woodwynd or you have questions about Dynavap vaporizers! 



I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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