xvape vista mini

Xvape Vista Mini review coming soon!

At the Champs Tradeshow a few months ago I brought home a beta vape from Xvape. The vape was a TINY little dab rig with wireless charging and a leak-proof, ‘peak-like’ design.

Oh! And a retail price of $130!!

The Vista Mini from Xvape had me excited, but with an extreme sense of caution. This product promises Puffco Peak performance at a fraction of the cost.  Plus the Vista Mini is even smaller and it has wireless charging built in!

But about that beta test

When I brought home the Vista Mini it was still in “beta” and they literally only had TWO of the devices made. My early testing revealed some atomizer flaws that pretty much kept the unit shelved for me.

Excitement for the Vista Mini has been growing on popular vape forums like FuckCombustion and reddit.  I did my best to diplomatically share my experience without causing any crazy internet group reactions.

Old Atomizer vs New Atomizer

The ‘issue’ with the beta unit was related to atomizer performance – namely – it pretty much sucked.

The new atomizer for the Xvape Vista Mini appears to work much better. It *looks* similar but upon closer inspection, the sidewalls are angled very differently.

The ceramic coil is embedded in the base of the bowl, just like it was in the beta unit. The new atomizer has steeper sloping sidewalls and the heated base fits tighter.

There is still slack around the center which allows some oil to seep but for the most part, the atomizer functions 100% better than the previous.

I’ve fired off 4 dabs with the Vista Mini as of writing this, which is 4 more successful dabs than the beta atomizer fired.

Each dab took 3 or 4 firings to really vape off the oil and I noticed oil definitely seeping under and around the baseplate. We’ll see how that goes as I continue to test the Vista Mini.

This post is a work in progress and I’ll be revising it with new information as it develops.