Firewood 5 wood varieties

The Firewood 5 is now available in a variety of woods and designs.


The Firewood 5 is one of my favorite on-demand dry herb vaporizers. It’s a handmade, artisanal vape with a removable 18650 battery, glass vapor path, and an updated full convection heater.

Full Firewood 5 Review & Video

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Firewood 5 is the multi-bowl loading system. This ceramic magazine packs 5 micro-sized bowls for your dry herb or cannabis. Each of the five bowls hold .05-.1g of freshly ground cannabis.

The Firewood 5 originally launched in Walnut but is now available in multiple kinds of wood. There is also an S version which has a stepped design instead of that stapler look.

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