On-Demand Vaporizer List Updated: June 29, 2022

What is an On-Demand Vape? An On-Demand vaporizer heats your dry herb / cannabis from a cold start to a vaporization temperature quickly. This luxurious convenience is perfect for sneaking a toke and putting the vape away before anyone notices.

While session vapes heat your herb and typically continue to cook your cannabinoids away in-between hits, on-demand vaporizers only heat up your bowl during your actual hit.

On-Demand vapes use higher power to heat the weed quickly, often sacrificing total bowls per charge as a trade-off.

Some vapes on this on-demand vaporizer list are both session vapes AND on-demand. Other vapes may be a stretch to even consider an on-demand experience. This list is currently in no particular order.

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