Best On-Demand Dry Herb Vapes

What is an On-Demand Vape? An On-Demand vaporizer heats your dry-herb / cannabis from a cold start to a vaporization temperature quickly. This luxurious convenience is perfect for sneaking a toke and putting the vape away before anyone notices.

On-Demand vapes use higher power to heat the weed quickly, often sacrificing total bowls per charge as a trade-off.

Some vapes on this on-demand vaporizer list are both session vapes AND on-demand. Other vapes may be a stretch to even consider it an on-demand experience. This list is currently in no particular order.

Tubo Evic - $195

Tubo Evic – $195

The Tubo Evic is both On-Demand and Session. It is full convection, full temp control, and uses a removable battery. This is a powerful and flexible device capable of delivering a variety of user experiences.

I don’t like carrying the Tubo Evic in my pocket because the shape is anti-ergonomic; however, the Tubo Evic gets plenty of use around the house and on my bong. The Tubo Evic has a 6 week waiting list and sells for $195. Ships from Switzerland.

>>Full Tubo Evic review & video.

Firewood 5 Vape with 5 bowl magazine

Firewood 5 – $225

Firewood 5 – The Firewood 5, released July 2018, is the first push-button on-demand vape from Firewood Vapes. This unique beast features FIVE BOWLS in a sliding ceramic insert. Plus a removable 18650 battery and glass vapor path.

The Firewood 5 is handmade and designed by a single artisan – Marc. The price and performance of this vape make it one of the best on-demand dry herb vapes available. Available at

Firewood 5 Review

RBT Splinter - $140

RBT Splinter – $140

The RBT Splinter is similar to the Milaana in terms of power, flavor, and function.

The Splinter is a 510 threaded, full convection dry herb vaporizer. The Splinter attaches to a 510 e-cig battery and turns any mod into a dry herb vape. The new cooling mouthpiece upgrade makes the Splinter one of the hardest hitting on-demand vapes available. The Splinter can be found on

Dynavap Vapcap $60

Dynavap Vapcap $60

Some may not consider the Vapcap a portable on-demand vaporizer because it uses a small butane torch to heat. This is understandable, as some settings make using a small torch VERY impossible. While the Dynavap Vapcap may not be the ideal on-demand style vape for all users, it’s absolutely PERFECT for many. Vapcap vapes produce rich and hearty vapor without the use of batteries. An expert user is always 20 seconds away from milky bong rip. If you’re not afraid of pocket torches, I consider the Vapcap M a MUST OWN VAPE.

Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1

The MV1 takes most of the learning curve out of the experience and replaces it with silicone and a cumbersome loading/unloading process. The MV1 is a connoisseurs vape, offering some of the biggest and tastiest hits if you’re willing to deal with the price and the interface. The MV1 is $400 with the crucible magazine, extra battery, and fast charger.

Vivant RIFT

Vivant RIFT

The Vivant RIFT is the latest on-demand vape to hit the market. The RIFT is another vape that functions as both on-demand and session. The RIFT has a tri-bowl design capable of vaporizing dry herb and concentrate. This vape is currently being tested by the 420vapezone beta testers and will have a full review soon. The RIFT is $199 direct from Vivant. I have also published a preview video and demonstration.



The Grasshopper is a pen-sized and pen-shaped dry herb vaporizer. It’s full convection and push-button on-demand. With a loaded and charged Grasshopper vape in your pocket, you’re always 15 seconds away from a dense and powerful vapor. The Grasshopper includes a lifetime warranty – and chances are you’ll need it. I’ve my THREE grasshoppers, all have been warranty serviced MULTIPLE TIMES. Two of the 3 have been functioning for 12 and 10 months straight. Available starting at $225.

Magic Flight Launch Box

Magic Flight Launch Box

The MFLB is one of the oldest weed vapes still on the market. Powered by a rechargeable AA battery, the compact wood bodied MFLB delivers up on-demand vapor and quick reloading. The trench/oven of the MFLB holds .15 of finely ground dry cannabis and can fully extract in about 4 hits. The learning curve and user experience of the MFLB has earned it much hatred in most of the weed vape forums. I no longer recommend this vape.

Firefly 2

Firefly 2

The FireFly 2 is one of the best on-demand vapes available. It produces extremely tasty and pure vapor, but it requires a very specific method of use. Most users figure out how to use the FireFly by the 3rd bowl, but it takes a week or two of daily use to truly master the FireFly. The steep learning curve and the $330 pricetag of the FireFly make it less-than-ideal for all but the truly committed.

Haze Square - $189

Haze Square – $189

The Haze Square has been anticipated for nearly 2 years now. The Square is a unique full convection on-demand portable vape with FOUR enclosed bowls tucked away inside.

You can pack each of the 4 bowls with your choice of dry herb or concentrate. The bowls are selected and vaporized individually by rotating the bowl selector and simply holding the power button.

The Haze Square is a fully capable vaporizer at $189. It’s enjoyable to use and carry; however, there are still some learning curve and potential inconsistencies in manufacturing that carry a *caution* sign for anyone looking to pick up this vape. In other words: I love mine, but it’s been a hassle. Most people like theirs, but they’ve also had to send it in and/or fuck with it to get it working right.