FAST On-Demand Conduction! Vivant RIFT Review

The Vivant RIFT is an ultra-fast heating dry herb vape with an on-demand conduction oven. It’s a $200 vape with a few unique features:

  • On Demand conduction – Full flavored robust vapor is seconds away
  • Modular Heater – fully remove the heater to clean or replace

Vivant RIFT Review Video

In this video review, I vape two bowls and also demonstrate concentrate use while providing an in-depth review of the RIFT.

On-Demand Conduction

Vivant RIFT in hand
The Vivant RIFT dry herb vape is slightly bigger than a Pax 3.

The RIFT may not be the first conduction vape with an on-demand interface; however, it’s the first one capable of providing thick plumes of full-flavored vapor with the simple push of the button. All prior vapes like the MFLB required a special technique. The RIFT provides a rich and heavy vapor only conduction can provide, and the RIFT produces it faster than any other battery powered portable.

Session Mode + On-Demand/Turbo

The Vivant RIFT is an on-demand vape with session mode built in. Hold down the GO button and the vape will immediately begin heating the oven to max temperature for whatever mode you’re in. This may not be ideal for anyone sensitive to higher temp vaping. Session mode honors the temp settings of whichever mode you’re in. Double tap the GO button to activate session mode. Session mode uses less power than turbo mode, which means better battery life.

What I Like about the RIFT

Overall I’m not a big fan of the vape, but there are several things I like about it

  • Fast Extraction – The RIFT extracts the bowl very quickly in turbo mode. About 4 hits with a little pre-heat will nearly finish off a packed bowl.
  • Session Extension – When there are only 15 seconds left in your session, the RIFT offers to add 30 more seconds with a simple double-tap of the M button.
  • Modular Heater – Exciting opportunity here. Vivant can potentially put out several heater options and continually improve and innovate the RIFT – making it more of a vaporizer platform.
  • FAST heat up – Turbo mode heats up the bowl in about 15 seconds
  • Concentrates – The RIFT’s unique oven design suits concentrate usage quite well. The stainless steel mesh pads fill the tri-bowl and hold a generous amount of oil and vape it quite well.

Vivant RIFT Dislikes

  • Full Heat Turbo Mode – It’s full temp. I want control of the temps in on-demand mode too. Leave a comment about this if you agree.
  • Too Hot to Hold – The RIFT gets crazy hot when using repeatedly. After 5 or 6 turbo hits I clocked a whopping 150F on several parts of the oven lid and even around the USB port.
  • Screen Falls Off – The screen on the oven lid isn’t secured very well and falls off often.
  • Tedious and Messy – This is the kill-shot for me. The RIFT requires significant attention to load and unload. The tri-bowl design is a pain in the butt to pack and clean and the seal material is an ABV magnet.

    Vivant RIFT Vapor

    The vapor from the RIFT is punchy and heavy. The roasted and hearty overtone in the vapor reminds me of the Dynavap Vapcap. The RIFT extracts quickly, which means each hit is dense and potent. I like the vapor from the RIFT, but the vapor path itself feels like it needs further refinement. The full conduction vapor from the RIFT is as rich and potent as more expensive convection vapes, while sticking to its full-conduction guns.

    Final Thoughts

    If the bowl were easier to load and unload I think this vape would be a solid vape at $200. The chore of upkeep keeps this vape shelved for me. I look forward to more heater options though!

    If you don’t mind maintenance and really love that full conduction flavor, the RIFT will give it to you in an on-demand or session format. Pick it up from!