Curing cannabis flowers is a delicate process with very little room for error. Traditionally, cannabis nugs are dried first and then “cured” in glass jars or paper bags, or some variation of the two. While curing in glass jars, the jars are “burped” daily in the first week and every other day for the next few weeks, and then weekly for the 2nd month.

Grove Bags eliminate the need for “burping”

The bags are similar to the produce bags you’d find cherries or grapes packaged in at your grocery store. It’s a breathable multi-layer material that allows some gases to pass through but not moisture or terpenes.

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Curing in Grove Bags vs Curing in Mason Jars

In my test, the video above, I split my harvest into GroveBags and Mason Jars to compare the cured results from each.

After harvesting my plants and allowing them to hang dry for nearly two weeks, I trimmed the nugs and placed them into the bags and jars.

Curing in Grove Bags vs Mason Jars
Grove Bags don’t require constant burping like Glass Jars do

Over the next 10 days, I burped the jars daily. I would open each jar, smell the terpenes, give the jar a gentle tumble to make sure all of the nugs are not stuck together, and then seal it back up after a few minutes of air time.

Each bag and each jar contained a hygrometer to monitor the internal humidity. Any jar reading higher than 62% humidity would need to be opened, aired out, and potentially dried further.

During my test, I needed to empty and openly air dry two jars and two Grove Bags. The Jar that molded in the video should have been emptied to dry, but I only left it open until rh dipped below 62% – this was a fail on my part.

The Grove Bags required no burping whatsoever. During weeks 2 and 3, the burping of the glass jars becomes less tedious but still important. By this time of the curing process the herb is likely in its prime for vaping, unless it’s a skunky strain.

After 4-10 weeks (subjective), the curing is done in both the jars and the Grove Bags

How to use Grove Bags

  1. Dry your cannabis flowers to ~55-58%
  2. Trimming is optional, but most trim before curing
  3. Place uncured nugs into Grove Bags with a hygrometer and zip closed
  4. Confirm ideal RH & heat seal (optional, but recommended)
  5. Place Grove Bag in a cool dark location for 4-10 weeks

Grovebags aren’t fool-proof! To start your curing process off right, your cannabis flowers need to be adequately dried, without being too dry. The natural humidity of the nugs is better than re-introducing humidity with Boveda packs or orange peels.

Dry your flowers to 55-60% RH before sealing in the Grove Bags to cure. Fill your bags without overcrowding and seal with the zipper. Heat sealing the bags is optional.

Store the sealed Grove Bag somewhere cool and dark, 60F is recommended.

Blueberry Grove Bag
Blueberry Strain branded Grove Bag

How Long to Cure in Grove Bags

Cannabis cure times vary and can be subjective. Some strains may taste best 2 weeks after harvest, while other strains may take 10 weeks to come around.

The Blueberry Kush I’ve been growing is perfection from week 4 through week 10, but it loses the fluffy cooling feeling shortly after.

The Gelato that I grew tasted like cake batter until week 8, at which point it blossomed and baked itself into a sweet vanilla honey citrus fruit cake.

The autoflower cannabis that I’ve grown and cured has also varied, but has mostly been best in the early side.

My advice is if you’re using a dry herb vape, start taste testing at week 4. If it tastes great, consume it as needed, depending on how much of a stash you have.

If you have 4+ ounces, take advantage of the surplus and split your cure. Consume some at 4 weeks and some at 8. Try some at 12 and maybe even 16.

Leave a comment below with your cure times

How to open Grove Bags & Other Childproof Weed Bags

These bags can be a major pain in the ass to open, especially if you’ve never opened one before.

ESPECIALLY when you’re really needing to get some smoke and the only thing preventing you is some weird-ass vagina-clam-zipper contraption.

I’ve figured out the real way, and I’ve figured out a better way.

I put together this little video showing how to open childproof bags without scissors.

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