Introducing Vape Church 2.0 – Episode 1 – What Does Cannabis Mean to You?

This week we’re launching Vape Church 2.0.

We changed it up last week and took the sesh private. It was a much more intimate conversation and the participants all felt more comfortable.

How Vape Church 2.0 Works:

We’re now talking topics. Each week will have a dedicated topic to discuss.

The session will be private and not livestreamed. I will record portions of the stream.

Each weekend I will post a new Vape Church video with the highlights from the previous session.

This weekly video may or may not introduce the next session’s topic and time.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Vape Church 2.0 – Episode 1 – What Does Cannabis Mean to You?”

  1. i have subscribed yet i do not get notifications not a problem till you started these private streams also please some vape content. Bud has retired and covers more vapes than 420 vape zone at this time. Troy used to be the champ long live the champ

    • Thanks Steph! I took the month off to figure out what to do about the Youtube situation. They’re removing all cannabis content.


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