Mighty Weed Vaporizer - by Storz & Bickel - The #1 rated dry herb vape

The best of the best. My most reached for, most recommended, and most thanked for recommending – the Mighty.

The OG Mighty vaporizer is $319, which is actually a hundred bucks less than it was originally. The Mighty Plus is $399.

I can get two ounces of pretty damn good weed for $399, so for me to tell you, “Yes, the Mighty is absolutely worth $399” I better damn well mean it. And I do.

Here’s why

Perfectly Powerful

The Mighty has the perfect amount of OOOMPH. The Mighty uses a mix of conduction and convection – which means the bowl is heated as well as the intake air. Lower tolerance users can hit it soft and slow while still blowing fulfilling clouds. Hitting it harder and pull lung busters brings more convection to the hit and increases extraction. Lock on a glass water pipe and the Mighty can plow through bowls in about 5 big hits, perfect for high-tolerance users.

The Mighty is made for marathon sessions.

Perfectly Gentle

The Mighty’s heating system uses a perfect blend of conduction and convection. The vapor production is very even and thorough. The vapor is expanded as it enters the cooling unit and cooled as it passes through a brilliantly designed maze on its way to your lungs. By the time the vapor reaches your mouth it’s cooled and fluffed to perfection.

The vapor from the Mighty feels like cotton candy clouds. It’s fluffy and fulfilling. It’s incredibly satisfying.

Mighty vape open showing bowl

The mouthpiece/cooling unit of the Mighty pops off with a twist and reveals the easy to load bowl.

Perfectly Simple

Look at this thing. Twist the top off. Unload reload. No little parts, no funnel or tweezers needed. The interface is the same way. Push the power button and pick your vape temp. There’s no secret button combinations to learn. You don’t need to reference the manual or connect your phone. The Mighty has 3 buttons. On/off. UP. DOWN.

It’s your cannabis companion

The Mighty becomes a way of life. It’s a hip flask of happiness. I know $350 is a lot of cash, but this is a serious vaporizer. I don’t fret over spending $800 on a new iphone even though I’ll get a new one in 2 years. My Mighty is 2.5 years old and it’s still the best vaporizer I own. The Mighty is STILL my daily driver (March, 2018)

Mighty Vape vs Smoking

The Mighty vapor is so much more gentle than smoke. It’s fluffy and airy.
The Mighty will use significantly less cannabis than smoking. One joint’s worth of cannabis (1g) will fill the Mighty bowl 5 or 6 times.
Using the Mighty will pay for itself because you get high off a fraction of the weed compared to smoking

If you are ready to purchase your Mighty, I recommend buying direct from Storz and Bickel or from my favorite distributor Planet of the Vapes.

OG Mighty at S&B for $319.

Mighty Plus at S&B for $399.

OG Mighty at PoTV for $319.

Mighty Plus at PoTV for $399.

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