7th Floor Quartz Elev8r

Alex live on Instagram showing off the new quartz Elev8r

The ELEV8R is a torch-heated vaporizer for both concentrates and dry herb. I reviewed the product upon launch and fell in love with its raw power and ultra-tasty convection dab experience.

The major issue the ELEV8R faces is cracking. Borosilicate glass is prone to cracking if it’s heated too quickly or unevenly.

On August 3rd, 7th Floor announced changes to the ELEV8r including a new ALL QUARTZ heating element and new glass screened wands and water pipe adapters.

Quartz ELEV8R – This is great news. Quartz has a huge tolerance for thermal abuse. You can heat it super hot and cool it super fast without it breaking. No more finessing it and spinning the WPA around making sure to heat the tip evenly! The quartz heater will not hold heat any longer than the borosilicate glass version, but the added thermal durability is applause worthy. The Quartz elev8R is available NOW for $99!

Glass Screens – In addition to the Quartz upgrade, the wand and water pipe adapters will now feature glass screens instead of stainless steel. Some sensitive users and superhumans can taste the metal. 7th Floor pleases everyone! The new screens do take considerably more work, but pricing changes were not announced.

I personally have no complaint whatsoever with the metal screens and hope the glass screens match the performance.

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