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Rositek 4-ton Rosin Press Review

The Rositek rosin press is a compact and portable rosin press that’s small enough to carry one-handed and powerful enough to squish up to a half-ounce at a time.

The 4-ton version is $399 directly from Rositek, code 420RT5 will save you 5%. I picked mine up directly from Amazon.

Despite being significantly weaker than my 12-ton Dabpress, this 4-ton Rositek gets used SO. MUCH. MORE. This rosin press has actually changed my life and changed my perspective on rosin. The larger 12-ton press is cumbersome to pull out because the pump and controller box are both separate while still connected with big thick cables or hoses. The 4-ton press is all-in-one and easy to move around, use, hide, etc.

I can put the 4-ton Rositek press on *any* of my vape shelves! It’s only 10″ x 8″ x 16″!

Rositek Video Review Transcription:

Billy Mays here with another fantastic product in this video, I’m going to be reviewing the Rositech four-ton rosin press. It’s a $400 rosin press available from Amazon. It’s weaker and smaller than my previous Rosin presses. The 12 ton Dab Press. But it’s become my favorite. Let me tell you why

so let’s go over the basics of the four-ton Rositek dev press. It’s a self-contained unit. The control box is built into the frame directly under the plates, as well as the bottle. The handle for the pump is separate. But you know, it attaches when you’re pumping it. The plates are three by five and they’re insulated by this bamboo or

wooden material here. The plates have one coil or per plate heating it, but there are dual controls. So you can control the temperatures of the top and bottom plates individually. A lot of $400 presses don’t have that. Oh, and the best thing of all the whole thing weighs less than 30 pounds. It’s super compact, lifted up.

It’s got a handle on top. It’s really easy to move around. Very, very. Very portable. So if you watched my 12 ton Dab Press review, you’ll know that one of the things that kind of complained about was, all the components. Like it was a 40-pound nunchuck set with like three things to hold onto. It’s hard to put away, hard to tuck away, hard to hide.

And even when you pull it out and set it down and set it up somewhere, it takes up a pretty big footprint. You know, you need a set-up space for it. And while 12 tons is plenty of power for a lot of things, it’s really overkill for a lot of people. For most people who are just going to be squishing an eighth or a quarter rounds at a time, maybe even a half-ounce at a time.

12 tons it’s way too much. And it’s actually overkill when you can, you can squish too fast or squish too much and ruin your rosin so four-ton six-ton is actually the ideal range for a lot of home squishers, which is why in my 12-ton rosin press review, I kind of ended it recommending a four-ton or a six-ton press.

The smaller press that I recommended before is $369 on Amazon. For the four-ton Dab Press kind of janky when you compare it to this one. If you look at the pictures, it’s just, the control box is like just bolted on the side and it’s, you know what I mean? This press is more compact dual PID whereas the $369 version that I recommended in my previous video was only single PID or this one’s dual and this one’s not fugly you need to my channel me, I’m also not fugly as far as I know, but the beauty is.

Hey, what the fuck am I in a discord? It’s up scooter. Anyway, I’m recording right now. I got all my shit recording.

Indeed. I like to stay in session with you. Maybe a minute, 20 minutes. I’ll be done. Be video editing. All right. Have a good start to your day. See you soon. What in the actual fuck. Jesus. How did I end up in the discord you should pop into the discord. Uh, if you’re not already there, because there’s a rosin channel, you can talk to other people who are rosin experts.

People there know more about squishing rosin than I do. Uh, I just happened to have more presses because I’m a content maker. I’m an internet reviewer and I got the hookups. So. Speaking of, of having the hookups, uh, where were we? Where were we? Oh yeah, me, my name is Troy and this is your first time here. I quit my job to pursue my passion and my passion is

geeking out on weed gadgetry really like weed vapes, like dry herb vapes, dad, rigs, not smoking so much. I mean, I do smoke the occasional blunt and then joint in the bong rip and shit like that. But I like to consume my, my cannabis with dry herb vapes because they taste better and they actually get you higher.

So peruse my channel to learn more about dry herb vapes and see how I consume my daily cannabis and hit 420vapezone for all your weed vape needs and support me on Patreon because YouTube has deleted me twice. Most recently at 38,000 subscribers. So I appreciate you hitting the like and the subscribe button.

All right, now let’s do some back and forth likes and dislikes on this breast. I want to jump right into the the opinions here.

Likes it’s a lot of press for $400. For 400 bucks. It’s a, it’s a lot. You’re, you’re getting a, uh, dual PID. You’re getting insulated. You’re getting three-by-five plates. It only has one coil per plate, which basically that means that if you’re doing a bunch of squishes in a row, your plates are going to take a little longer

to recover. So dual coil, heated plates are more expensive because the controller box is going to have to put more power and heating that plate. But the dual coils will keep those plates more evenly, heated, and they’ll recover their heat more quickly. When you’re doing your squishes, I haven’t really noticed a performance difference with a single-coil versus dual, but I know that the dual coil is like a luxury item.

I’d rather have dual PID over the dual coil. And rather than going through all the likes and then doing the dislikes, I’m going to go back and forth on the likes and dislikes. So first, like the first, like is a lot of press for 400. It’s a bit’s a complete package for 400 bucks. Now dislikes, there’s not enough magnet space.

Like the, the logo plate here where it says Rositek is, is a magnet, magnetizes, magnets. Uh, and you can stick your magnets there for holding your, your parchment paper up. Like you can hold a top flap up, but if you’re OCD like me and you want. In your parchment paper, nice and flat and keep it neat and tuck and tidy.

And you want to put magnets on the bottom. There’s nowhere. There’s nowhere for the magnets. Like you can put a magnet on like the Allen screw that connects the bottle Jack to the bottom plate, but that’s not. That’s what I want to do. It’s not what I want to do through the magnets. Only stick to the sides of the frame here, back to the likes.

This thing is self-contained only 30 pounds nationally portable. Like when I went to make this video just now, like 10 minutes ago or whatever. Pull the rosin press off of my shelf. I just bend down, grab the handle, pull it out, and put it on the desk. It was so easy. It has a small footprint. My 12 ton press is a nightmare.

Even just to pull it out and squish rosin, the 12-ton press with all of the components. It needs a permanent home because it’s just too cumbersome that hide and, and pull out. This one is so tiny. It’s like a. Uh, what is it here? Let me meet her. I have a fucking measuring device right here. Eight by nine inches is the footprint of the bottom of this press.

So eight by nine inches as the footprint. And then the height is also pretty small. You know, it’s like the head of my arm back to the dislikes column though. It came with nice magnet. And nowhere to put them no way to put them in. Nice, like they’re little look, a little push pins. This is what I want. This is what I buy on Amazon for like my whiteboards.

And I want my whiteboards to look nice when I’m moving shit around. And these are fucking bad-ass magnets. I love them, but there’s nowhere to put them in, know where to put them. There’s like it came with, I forgot how many it came with. It came with like eight and with a bunch, which is awesome. I love them.

Cool magnets. But the only place to put them is like the side frames, which I guess you can use when you can’t use because the parchment has to be cut the, see the parchment has to be in here and it won’t be able to extend out there unless there’s like some weird fucking folding trick that I haven’t learned yet to make the paper extend there.

If there’s a magic paper trick where you can write. In the paper already. Well, even then, it’s kind of,

well, your shit who shit. All right. Back to the likes of three-by-five plates. They’re not huge, but hear me out. This is a small press. This is a really small press. I’ve looked at a lot of force on presses. A lot of forts on presses have four by four or three by four or even smaller plates. They’re even smaller.

I’ve seen, I’ve seen it’s on presses with like two, two by three, you know, like tiny, tiny plates, three by five gives you a lot of working space. Uh, you’re still kinda limited to BattleTech, which is. Uh, potentially I dislike, but for me, I’m actually more comfortable with biotech, which we’ll get into later.

So I’m actually really happy with it, with three by five. I could even do two bottlenecks there. If I wanted to push my limits, dislikes, this is a legit dislike instead of complaining about the magnets twice. Uh, the pump handle, when you’re, when you’re pumping, does kind of interfere with like your parchment when you.

Parchment spread out here and you’re there doing your air pumping. The pump handle, you know, is going to be interfering with your parchment. And if you have. Roslyn flowing like a river down your parchment and then your, your handle is going to be in a way at first world problems, you know, but, uh, just something to complain about because I have to put something in the dislikes column and honestly, they, they kind of nailed it with this press.

Uh, this model is called the RNP, I believe from rasa tech. And I think it stands for really nice press, but, uh, it. Stand for something different. Uh, I’m not, I’m not completely sure. Now isn’t a rosin press even right for you. I feel obligated to put this in there because I have received a lot of questions and people that were very interested in purchasing a rosin press.

Uh, but then they don’t have access to very good cannabis or they have access to high quality and affordable concentrates already. So there’s a couple things to consider before you buy a rosin, press rosin, pressing pressing cannabis into dabble concentrates or edible concentrates, uh, is very much a fire in fire out.

Situation. So when, when you have a fire in fire out situation, it also means garbage in garbage out. So if you put crap weed into it, you’re not going to be able to just turn it into depths. It doesn’t work that way. I mean, it kind of does, but it really doesn’t. I mean, even in the BHO world you’re, you’re still getting shitty dabs from shitty product. So it’s not a magic toolbox. It’s not a magic machine.

Now, if you grow this, this is a must. Like you have to have oppressive. If you’re growing, if you’re growing cannabis, it’s such a handy tool. It’s such a handy tool just to take your fresh product, something in the bags and squish it.

And. High quality, uh, quality, fresh blond rosin. Uh it’s it’s so dreamy. So dreamy brewing and making fresh dabs. I can eventually see myself even skipping the flower altogether and just making hash rosin. So like rowing, turning it into a bubble hash or a dry sift hash, and then taking that hash and switching it.

Or hash rosin because that’s the ultimate dab experience right there. Stop grabbing your mouse before you stop talking. Now let’s talk about, is four-ton enough because this is a pretty small press and forth on my previous press. My other breast still on the shelf. There is a 12 ton. And as I said, it’s overkill for most, or for many is four-ton enough though.

So with this press and with the max opening, by the way, the opening of. They didn’t really go over the, the functionality of the press, but it should be obvious it pumps with this thing. And then when you want to release it, you can either turn the thing here by hand, you know, to the left, uh, or, or you can turn it with this thing with the little, little wrench.

And why am I looking at the wrong camera again? So is 4-ton enough, the max amount you can squish at one time with this press. With this four-time press with these plates is probably 10, 12, maybe 14 grams. If you can cram it into a bottle tech and get in there, maybe with like a two and a half or maybe a three-inch.

Bag, maybe you can get a bottle tech of, of 14 grams in there with one squish I’ve only been able to do about 10 grams for squish. So one bottle tech bag, 10 grams, maybe 12 grams, like just cramming it. You know, if you do some pre squishing, you might be able to get 14 in there reliably, but doing it with BattleTech for time was planning.

Uh, switching it up to a rectangular prepress I struggled a little bit to get the same yields as I was getting with BattleTech. That could be me. That could be me. I don’t want to, I don’t want to say that or turn isn’t enough to get the rectangular square shutter get 20% yields or whatever, because.

Probably me or how I packed it, or just lack of experience. Uh, BattleTech works very well for me. And I find it works very well with smaller presses and at home usage. So I highly recommend the bottle tech method. The benefit of that bottle tech method is it keeps the pounds per square inch. The pressure distribute.

To the smallest surface area possible because the fourth tons that are being distributed here, they’re being distributed first to that three by five inch plate. But then they’re being distributed again to the footprint of the squish. So if you, if you use one of those rectangular bags and it has like a two by three that’s, six square inches, uh, around, but it, but if you use a bottle-tech method where the, that bag.

Uh, just a, a circular footprint on the three by five inch plate. And let’s say it’s a two inches across, uh, then it’s only like three square inches or 3.1, four square inches of surface versus the six square inches of the, the rectangular. Uh, that translates to a higher amount of pressure being applied per square inch of the circular of the BattleTech method because it’s less surface area, less surface area equals more pressure in this situation.

So auto tech is just in my favor and it’s it’s in your favor to do the BattleTech method. For math, math, the math checks out. I’ve been using two and a half by four inch bags and I’ve cut the bags in half. And I like 90 micron bags for pressing flour. This was a fun video. I hope this video helped you can use my code at rasa tech and save 5% on the rasa tech forts on press.

Or you can buy it on. I’ll have my Amazon link in the description as well. Uh, this press is available on Amazon and they have a bigger one as well. That looks pretty bad as the eight ton. Uh, if you’re looking to breasts, you know, like 14 or 20, 20 grams reliably, if you want to squish 20 grams, uh, Multiple times per week, when in your, your rosins swishing session, uh, you might want to upgrade to the eight ton.

I think the eight ton is 500 bucks and this one’s 400. So use the links in the description. Find all of my content on four 20 vapes on.com department on Patrion. If you don’t mind hit up the four 20 bibs on discord, if you want to join the vapor community. And, uh, hanging out with like minded adults. We have daily sessions and there are channels for both Roslyn and for vapes and for dabs and even for food and we play video games.

It’s a great community. Uh, thousands of people really good time. No weird shit. Sorry. Uh, adults who people only. Free beer. Just kidding. Thanks for watching. And don’t forget to tune into the Troy and Jerry show every Friday night, 6:00 PM, trying to, I think, think YouTube channel for your shot. Hi.



I've been medicating with vaporizers, legally, since 2012. I started reviewing dry herb vaporizers and other cannabis products in 2015. I fell in love with creating content around vapes and cannabis vaporization. I'm passionate about the topic and the community. I love bringing people together and I love helping them understand the ins and outs of vaping weed.


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