The Rosinbomb Rocket is too small, but it’s certainly capable as long as you jump through the right hoops and stay within this tiny rosin press’s limitations.

In this video I squish some rosin using my homegrown cannabis. There’s a shorter version of this video on youtube.

Tips for getting maximum rosin yield

  1. Start with high quality cannabis. Garbage in, garbage out. Use the highest quality marijuana nugs or hash that you can afford.
  2. Increase humidity of your nugs with Boveda or Boost packs, I use 69% rh for rosin, but I keep ALL of my weed at 62% for vaping.
  3. Decrease footprint of your squish. As surface area on your nug is increased, the total pressure applied to your nug is decreased. In order to maximize the pressure applied to your cannabis, use a T-press or a round wafter pre-press to pre-shape your nug into a smaller shape.
    If you’re squishing nugs, squish them into a small ball using your fingers.

These are the 3 things I’ve found to make the biggest difference when pressing rosin from cannabis nugs.

Bottle-tech method works well, but in order to get maximum rosin yield with bottle-tech and the RosinBomb Rocket you will need to use 1.5″ bags and load them with less than 2g of herb.

By the time you factor in the cost of the bag and the work involved with bottle-tech, I think it’s easier to use a T-press or a cylinder pre-press.